Monthly Archives: October 2013

A Turkish wedding..

Turkish weddings are spectacular occasions, I’m pretty certain they invite every person they’ve ever met, literally, hundreds, even a thousand people all gathered together to celebrate, the Turks do know how to throw a party. The wedding celebrations go on for days, and it’s not unusual for the legal wedding ceremony to take place months […]

Turkish food London!

Today Dad took me to the Turkish Food Centre near us, and we stocked up on a few Turkish goodies. Always on the look out for new blog post ideas, I thought Id take a few photos and share the store for anyone else in London who may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms from their favourite […]

Celebrating kurban bayram with Berkay..

***WARNING, THIS POST CONTAINS PHOTOS THAT MAY DISTURB SOME READERS.*** Tuesday 15th October marked the first day of the Muslim festival Eid-al-adha (kurban bayram in Turkish). If you aren’t aware of what kurban bayram is, you can check back at my previous post.. ”what is kurban bayram?” which explains all you need to know. Most […]

Iyi Bayramlar!

To all my Turkish, and Muslim, friends, family and readers all over the world, iyi bayramlar/Eid mubarak. Hope you all have a wonderful few days celebrating with friends and family, I have blog posts coming up about how Berkay spent the holidays in Turkey! (: xx

What is Kurban Bayram?

As some of you may know, it is Kurban Bayram next week, but what does this mean, and how will it affect your holiday to Turkey? Bayram literally means festival, or holiday, and is used to describe national and religious holidays in Turkey. There are two main religious (Islamic) holidays, one being Seker Bayram (celebrated after […]

Dogsitting mum’s shih tzu..

I’m currently sitting at mums house alone dog-sitting all night, and although it’s no substitute for my beautiful Boncuk, I love her dog and he’s cute, so thought I’d do a little post about him.What is your pet? He’s my mum’s dog, but he’s a dog. A pedigree shih tzu. What is their name? Brad. […]

Man flu, sister duties & giant teddies..

Tuesday today, instead of our weekly trip to Fethiye market for lunch and coming home with bags of fruit, veg and meat, I spent the day job hunting online, writing cover letters and going to cooking class with my little sister. It still feels like a holiday, I still can’t believe I’m here for good […]