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Bat onesies, cakes & babies..

As i mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had the misfortune of getting up close and personal with a bat in my kitchen last night, thankfully I saw the funny side, and when Berkay came home from work this morning, I greeted him at the door wearing his bat onesie, ahaha. I tried to scare him […]


Just a quick hello and and a photo post today, we didn’t do much, woke up, ate lunch, popped into Fethiye to exchange my iPod charger (6th one in the past 2 weeks, don’t even ask) and then came home and went for a little walk with Boncuk.  Then when Berkay went to work I […]

How to make köfte

Berkay is the cook of the house, and today he made Turkish meatballs/ köfte from scratch to put on the BBQ. I thought I’d share his ‘recipe’ although he just judges everything by eye, so I don’t have exact amounts of specific ingredients. Ingredients  Beef Mince (we used 400g and made 8 good sized meatballs) 2 […]

10 untrue stereotypes about Turkey..

Anyone who has never visited Turkey, or bases their judgement of the country by what they have seen in one resort, is quite likely to form their own stereotypes of the country and it’s people from things they’ve heard, seen or read. Anyone who lives here, or who has spent a considerable amount in the […]


I am nocturnal. Or a vampire.  I have adapted my boyfriend’s sleeping pattern (he works nights) and more often than not, I do not sleep until 8am, and wake up at around 3pm. People may say I’m lazy but I’m awake for the same amount of time as everyone else, I just prefer it to be […]

Turkish picnic time.

All of the picnics I’ve been on in England consisted of little more than a cool bag, a picnic blanket, a few bags of crisps, hard boiled egg and hp sauce sandwiches wrapped in tin foil and bottle of lemonade. Here in Turkey though, when someone invites you to a picnic, it’s a whole different […]

Turkish Delights..

We hopped on the dolmus and went on a little visit to the Turkish delight factory ( in Calis yesterday. I’ve been wanting to go for ages and at 6pm yesterday evening, Berkay announced over dinner that we were going out somewhere as a surprise, and that’s where he took me. (: I’m very easily pleased. […]

One big holiday?

I live in a tourist destination, surrounded by sun, sea and sand. But does that mean my life is one big holiday? Definitely not. I apologise in advance, this will be a rant. There is nothing that frustrates me more than people making comments about how my life must be one big holiday since I […]

Meet Boncuk..

What is your pet? A dog. Don’t know the breed, a mix i guess. What is their name? Boncuk (pronounced ‘bon-jook’) It means ‘bead’ in Turkish. I’m not entirely sure why, but apparently it’s a very common name for dogs, cats, budgies.. etc here in Turkey, I assume because of the ‘beady’ eyes? Who knows […]

Stuffed Mushrooms..

I can’t cook to save my life, but even I can manage these (: Perfect on the barbeque, yum yum. Ingredients used: 3 mushrooms 3 garlic cloves chopped/crushed 1 tablespoon olive oil handful of grated cheese >> Rinse the mushrooms and remove the stems. >>Peel, crush and chop the garlic cloves. Berkay is the expert […]