Monthly Archives: March 2014

Reunited again!

Massive apologies for not updating sooner, I’ve had people message me asking if Berkay arrived safely, wondering where the airport photo was etc etc, but I’ve been SO busy I hadn’t had chance to reply! Berkay did arrive safely on Wednesday evening ❤ He left at 4.15 pm Turkish time, but not before having a […]

Babies, hen party & THE countdown.

This week marked the start of a very busy month! Yesterday was Mum’s hen night, she get’s married next Saturday! We all went out for an Indian and had a lovely time (: Came home to find her husband-to-be passed out on the sofa… we woke him up when we came in which resulted in […]

7 more days…

So, it’s currently 10pm on Wednesday, which means that this time next week, providing there are no long delays, Berkay will have landed at Gatwick and we’ll be together once again! (: I guess that’s a good thing about being apart, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ and all that? Not entirely true, but being […]

Worry, worry, worry…

It’s Sunday evening, and I’m sat in my bedroom utterly depressed. Monday tomorrow, which I’m sure everyone else who works 9-5 Monday to Friday shall agree, sucks. Monday should be a swear word. In fact, from now on I shall star out the letters. Screw you, M****y. I’ve been at this job a month, and […]

Calis changes, dog walks & the canal..

On his day off Berkay likes to go walking through Calis.    He took Boncuk with him and went for a long walk up a hill with a beautiful view from the top (click here to see my old post with photos of the view!) We used to take her for a walk everyday and […]