Monthly Archives: March 2015

Turkish Pide in London

 Last week while walking through London trying to find an office, I looked up from my phone GPS and saw a Menu outside a restaurant with some familiar words. I had to do a double take, and when I did I realised that they were Turkish. I glanced up at the restaurant name – ‘Tas Pide’ it said. […]

An army update & going to visit!

Berkay has been in the army for 6 weeks today and although he hasn’t gone quickly, seeing the marbles in my ‘days down’ jar increasing everyday is quite reassuring and a good reminder that time is actually passing! So far, Berkay’s not been having too bad of a time. We’ve spoken every single day over […]

Giveaway winners!

As promised, at 8pm I made a list of all the entrants who commented on my giveaway post and used a random name selector to chose 8 names. The first 3 names were: Kate – You win the 3 necklaces! Fiona Crocker – You win the glass Evil Eye, earrings and bracelet. Rebecca Morrice – You […]

300,000 views & a thank you giveaway..

I recently hit 300,000 views on my blog, a massive milestone and something I can’t really comprehend! 300,000 times someone has clicked onto my website to read what I have to say! I have made great friendships through sharing my experiences on here, and can’t count the number of times I’ve received emails or messages […]

Pizza in Fethiye…

While abroad it’s always nice to embrace the local culture, break out of your comfort zone and try something new… I love Turkish food and ate it a lot whilst I was there, but sometimes all you want is an easy, unhealthy, pizza! My favourite place for pizza in Fethiye is PizzaTomato, it’s part of a chain […]

Swearing in ceremony and army life for Berkay..

  Its been 26 days since Berkay first walked through the doors into the Izmir army base, and on Friday he completed his basic training and had his swearing in ceremony. All the hundreds of men in the Izmir base stood together and marched, taking their oath and swearing their allegiance to the Turkish military […]