300,000 views & a thank you giveaway..

I recently hit 300,000 views on my blog, a massive milestone and something I can’t really comprehend! 300,000 times someone has clicked onto my website to read what I have to say!

I have made great friendships through sharing my experiences on here, and can’t count the number of times I’ve received emails or messages from readers telling me they can relate to certain aspects of my ‘story’ or providing advice and reassuring me that everything will work out in the end. It’s a great support network and whether you read my blog because you can relate, because you’re just curious about the topics I discuss and story I share, or to just see some photos of the places we all know and love, I’m grateful for everyone who clicks onto http://www.livingtheturkishdream.com and interacts with me.

As a teeny, tiny thanks, I’m doing a giveaway. The prizes aren’t anything too exciting, just small token thank you’s.

There are 3 main prizes, to signify each 100,000 views. Since the majority of people who read my blog presumably have an interest in Turkey, all the prizes are Turkish/holiday themed.

The first prize is these 3 necklaces with a Turkish ‘evil eye’ or ‘nazar boncuğu’ theme – one is a small gemstone, the other is a Hamsa (also known as the Hand of Fatima) which is thought to provide protection from the evil eye, and the third in the shape of an eye with the famous blue bead in the middle, also thought to protect the holder from evil. These are really dainty and cute and a definite reminder of good old Turkey, you can’t go anywhere without seeing the nazar there, people hang them in houses, lay them into pavements, pin them on their children’s clothes, on cars… everywhere.  I love these necklaces so much I think I’ll have to go and buy some for myself!
The 2nd prize is another with a nazar theme, one of the many blue glass stones, you can never have too many of these in your house! A pair of sparkly earrings with a nazar design, and a bracelet to match.
The 3rd prize is one of the below, the winner can chose which they prefer and I’ll make it to suit them. Either a mounted, glittery map of Turkey, with small gems stuck onto whichever resorts or cities of the country that mean something to you. Mine has a heart over Fethiye, since that is my favourite place in the world. Perhaps you had a special holiday in a particular area, perhaps Istanbul holds your heart or you have a long distance relationship with someone in another part of the country? It’s a good piece to display on the wall and a constant reminder of Turkey and just where those special memories were made.
IMG_2147 IMG_1785
The other choice is a mounted, personalised word cloud, it will be totally unique to you with family names, hotel names or words that remind you of your holidays. Shapes, colours, words and fonts can all be edited to suit you and the things that are important to you. Another lovely piece to display on the wall and remind you of your holidays.
IMG_2144 IMG_2145
There will also be 5 photo key rings sent out as mini-prizes.

To enter, all you have to do is comment on this blog post – it has to be on here directly (scroll down and click leave comment). I’ll choose the winners at random using a random number/name generator.   Winners will be chosen after 8pm on Sunday 15th March and will be announced on here via a new post. I know there are people who read my blog from all over the world, but the giveaway will only be open to UK & Ireland residents due to postage costs overseas.

A little disclaimer, I paid for these prizes with my own money, they were not given to me. There is no fee to enter and winners will be chosen entirely at random, it is not a competition, just a lucky draw.

Thank you all so much once again, and good luck.

193 thoughts on “300,000 views & a thank you giveaway..

  1. Your blog is my bus ride to work entertainment! I think it’s lovely how honest you are and what a great eye you have for beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing with us all – especially as your stories mirror some of my experiences 😊 congrats on 300,000!!!

  2. I love reading about your life in Turkey or do I really mean Fethiye?! It is obvious you love the place. We have been visiting the wonderful country since 1995 and just wish we could spend more time there.

  3. Such a joy to read your blogs… I feel like I’ve almost live the Turkish Dream with you! Haha (I wish!) I really hope this time away from your loved one goes as quick as possible for you both! Absence makes the heart grow fonder (as they say) 😉 Inshallah, the time spent apart will be nothing compared to the future you both will have. I really do wish you all the happiness you deserve xx

  4. I have a paradise designed bedroom it’s my little haven for tranquillity peace and just somewhere I can go and think of being away with my friends the ones I have in Turkey that is… think of the food the culture and the good times I’ve had since I’ve been visiting. You’re blogs keep me going through my 9 – 5 job it’s something different and I love reading them. Keep posting them it keeps me from going insane!!!

  5. Such a lovely idea. I absolutely love your blogs they are so inspiring and I can really relate to them. I think it is such a scary thing to write a blog and see what the outcomes are but you are so good at what you do. Keep going at it, well done on the 300,000 you deserve it xx

  6. Love reading your blogs dani 🙂 the scenery pictures are all so beautiful ❤ keep up the lovely stories look forward to reading more in the future xx

  7. Love reading your blogs, love Turkey, have booked to go to Calis Beach in August. I feel I know and love the place already through your blogs.

  8. I have only begun following your blog recently. catching up with previous blogs and your updates are great reading. I almost feel I know you and love the photos of my favorite country. Keep posting. X

  9. What a lovely idea Danni. Like everyone else love reading your blogs and it’s brilliant you’ve reached 300,000! Think that’s amazing. Like you we love fethiye it’s our second home and can’t wait to get back there end of April. Keep up the great work and hope time is passing not to slowly for you. Love Jean xxx

  10. I am really impressed with how positive you are staying Danni, in such a difficult time. I know how tough it is to be separated and I just wanted to say I think you are doing a really good job.

  11. Congratulations!
    And what a lovely idea for a giveaway – I adore that glittery map! I’d stick gems on Istanbul and Izmir and Aydin and Kusadasi and Foca and Ankara and Kastamonu, and the tiny villages of Daday and Saricam where my grandmother’s family came from. And Fethiye, for you!

  12. Well done, I love reading your blog. It is great to see the Fethiye area from the perspective of someone who lives there. Thank you.

  13. Love reading your blog
    Wish I was able to leave everything in the uk and move to turkey
    Maybe in a year or two hopefully x

  14. Just love reading your blog, I also love Turkey, Fethiye & Calis. This helps me keep in touch and keeps me sain in between visits! This year I am hoping to extend my visa to stay 6 months! Yeah!

  15. Love reading your blogs. Such a nice thing to do and always nice to have a reminder of Turkey. Your framed picture maps are beautiful. X

  16. Love reading your blogs and how close they relate too me also 22 and living here only difference is maried and have a daughter 🙂 your army blogs are great too, which might be me next year but illbe staying in our village x

      • Haha luckly bayrams are ok and hopefully kick my turkidh into gear… Although i would rather just stay in our house but cant 😦 but hoping being here wont make ittime go slower though

  17. What a lovely idea. Many congratulations on having a blog that can reach out to 300,000 people. It is always interesting.

  18. I’ve been reading your Blogs since day ‘one’….I was in the same situation kind of like you with a Turk….which is now my husband for the last 27 years and still liove ‘happily after’. All the best to you….XXOO

  19. What a lovely idea! All three prizes are gorgeous but love the alternative 3rd prize with the words in a heart. Really got me thinking about words to put in it, should I be lucky enough to win it! 😉 xx

  20. I love reading your blogs Danni, I will be back in Hisaronu in August. My dream is to one day live in Fethiye, heres hoping <3, Hope you and Berkay have loads of wonderful years together once he is out of the army. Best wishes to you both xxx

  21. I love it when I see you’ve posted a new blog. I love Turkey and all Turkish things….. Ok not kokorec ??? I like reading your stories, it’s my little fix of Turkish life until we go again in August x

  22. I love reading your blog/posts. I can relate to many of your situations, having lived in Turkey & being engsged to a wonderful Turkish man. When I read you stories, it helps my longing to be back in Turkey. Thank you.

  23. Danni your blogs are fantastic and I have said a few times you can have a successful book with this and your photos we’ve never met but I think we lived nearby each other in calis unfortunately I am what I call a mobile wife living between fethiye and UK as my mam is on her own here and I can’t leave her alone I look forward to reading your continued blog. Take care and good luck for the next 300,000 x

  24. Thank you for writing your blog; I love reading it on the 5am train Into work, looking at the photo’s wishing I was there living the dream too instead of quality checks at 7am before a day of treating patients. Lol I love my job really. I went on my first holiday abroad as a single mum to Fethiye with my son and daughter and fell in love with the place, my son had an accident and hurt both wrists, the amount of help the locals gave me was unbelievable, a piece of my heart will always be there.

  25. This is wonderful. I’ve commented on your Facebook photos as the American who married a Turkish mamliving my own Turkish dream. I hope the time flies by so you can be with hubby and come back to your dream 🙂

  26. Danni, you do a brilliant job with your blog and I thoroughly enjoy reading your updates and following yours and Berkay’s story. Well done on reaching 300,000 views and here’s to 400,000!!! Xx

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