Babies, hen party & THE countdown.

This week marked the start of a very busy month!

Yesterday was Mum’s hen night, she get’s married next Saturday! We all went out for an Indian and had a lovely time (:
Came home to find her husband-to-be passed out on the sofa… we woke him up when we came in which resulted in some funny jibberish ‘conversations’.. I think it’s safe to say he had a good stag day…. 😉
1939553_10152682620933776_459052238_n 969481_10152682839903776_2024249897_n
The big countdown  to Berkay’s arrival is well under way, 3 days til he arrives… I’m not sure he’s really looking forward to it, I’ll be working a lot so he’ll be alone 9-5 during the week, and he always gets so bored because he’s not used to not doing anything and relaxing… when he’s back home he works 7 days a week 15-18 hours a day. It’s all a bit strange to him! Dad says he plans to keep him busy doing the garden and other random bits and pieces around the house so maybe he won’t have time to be bored!

I’ll be stocking up on Nandos sauce and sunflower seeds tomorrow, Berkay’s favourite things 😉 Just can’t wait to go and get him from the airport on Wednesday! It’s come around so quickly when I look back. My little sister will be coming to the airport to get him too, she adores him so can’t wait to see her reaction either (:

I’m off work on Friday so that we can help with some last minute wedding preparations. I have a doctors and opticians appointment in the morning, then off to get a Mother’s day present and wedding present and get Berkay a suit! Talk about leaving it to the last minute. There’s just no time to do anything working 9-5 everyday, I never even appreciated this before.

After the wedding on Saturday, we’re having a Mother’s day lunch with mum and her new husband on Sunday, then it’s back to work for me on Monday. Wednesday 2nd April is my little sister’s 3rd Birthday, and I’m hopefully off work for that, then my birthday is 11th April and I’m off for that… then I’m off on good Friday 18th April, before Berkay goes back to Turkey on Saturday 19th! I told you it’s a busy month! If my holiday days are approved, and what with Easter, I won’t have a full week at work until 28th April…. and then the following Monday is May bank holiday anyway! You have no idea how happy this makes me! (:

Today was busy too, me, mum and my aunt went out for afternoon tea at a nice hotel… who says Essex girls can’t be classy eh? The good was gorgeous and it was good to spend some girly time together before the madness of next weekend’s wedding! We had a selection of sandwiches, ham and mustard, egg and watercress mayonnaise, smoked salmon and cream cheese and cucumber, along with little mini quiches. Then we had jam and clotted cream scones, cream and raspberry horns, macaroons, and huge strawberries, followed by chocolate and raspberry cakes, carrot cakes and a mango moose, all accompanied by an endless supply of tea, I chose the cranberry tea, yum! I felt so stuffed afterwards, and definitely put on a few pounds, I best be on a strict diet this week or my bridesmaid dress won’t fit!
10153168_10152684478573776_1652246289_n 1377401_10152684468288776_1441430715_n
1975189_10152684468173776_2138528747_n 1920021_10152684779408776_2123296586_n
In other news… Last Tuesday our good friend’s baby twins were born. One of the first posts on this blog was about how we went to their house to celebrate, back when she was only 6 weeks pregnant (click HERE to read that post!). Oh how time flies. It made me a little sad really, to see how things are changing without me there. We went to their wedding last May, often went for bbq’s and picnics with them, celebrated with them in their home… and now the babies are here and I’m not there ! It really makes me realise how long I’ve been gone, how much things are changing and how I’m still stuck here in the same position while everyone else is moving on, it really bothers me.  Berkay has visited the new babies a few times this week, once in the hospital, check out the hospital room with a sea view! Not bad eh? Lucky babies.
20140323-222045.jpg 1689401_10152673232738776_962344072_n
Congratulations to Ela & Samet – little Emre and Emir are adorable and I want lots of hugs when I come back to visit in July! (:

I hope to post daily on here when Berkay is here, time permitting! Look out for the next ‘reunited’ airport photo that will undoubtedly be uploaded here Wednesday night… EEEEEK!

8 thoughts on “Babies, hen party & THE countdown.

  1. Awwww bless you,not long now. Lovely pics of you n your mum hope it goes well for her wedding. As said in previous posts please have a Lil think about going back home again you may well be skint but you will be happy,having said that you seem a lot happier now. I did ask in a previous post if we could take some doggy treats got Bonjuck but not sure if they will cause tummy problems. Have a lovely reunion on weds I’m sure I’m not alone when I say am looking forward to seeing the pics n reading updates. Hugs to you all 🌸

    • Thanks 🙂 yes I always think about going back it’s a constant thing in my mind! 😦
      Aww that’s a lovely thought, you can if you want, she’d love them Berkay always fills up his case with treats going back so she’s used to them hehe.


  2. It would be our pleasure I will let you know nearer the time so you can let us know where to go as we are not going till August,you never know you might be there too. Will try n get some nandos sauce too tho I’ve not seen it in asda lol. Am so excited for you try n keep busy n Wednesday will be here in no time 🌸 x x x

  3. We are staying on the telmessos complex in koca calis due out last two weeks of August my Lil girl cant wait well she’s ten so not so little. She’s read some of your blog and seen pics she’s dog mad so you can imagine her comments when she saw Your lovely doggy,she was awwww how cute I want one just like that lol. Ooooooh not long now bet you can’t keep still lol. Keep us all posted Danni bet we see a lot of happy pics 🌸x x

  4. We always enjoy it’s our Lil piece of heaven lol,few more hours to go n I bet the day is dragging for you.enjoy your time together Danni i bet that adorable Lil sister of yours is jumping up n down with excitement bless her xx x

  5. What lovely pictures of you and your mum….so sweet, and great memories to keep. I am sure that all will go well on the day, I wish your mum (sorry don’t know her name) every happiness in the future. The weather is forecast as good for Saturday. Blessings to you all have a great day, and i am sure you will be posting pictures af you all looking rather smart and glamorous!

    PS. where is the promised “Airport photo”

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