Monthly Archives: September 2013

Just another day in Fethiye..

Off we went to Fethiye again today, Berkay wanted his hair cut and we decided to stop off for chicken doner for lunch too! 4tl, bargain. Perfect with the chips in too. Probably not too healthy having half  a loaf of bread in one sitting but hey, who can resist when it tastes so good […]

An afternoon at the beach..

I always used to think how odd it looked when Turkish families rocked up to the beach in the height of summer, fully clothed with rugs, cushions and pots and pans in tow to enjoy a full on family feast. Today I realised I have become one of these people. My level of Turkish-ness definitely […]

Yogurt with dinner? ..

Hands up who has a Turkish friend, relative or partner who insists on eating yogurt with main meals? Berkay loves it, the sight and thought of it honestly makes me gag, there is just something about eating plain yogurt with dinner that is wrong to me, yogurt is for dessert! Berkay eats it with fish, […]

Winter in Fethiye..

It’s starting to get dark at 7.30pm, it doesn’t get light until gone 6.30am and I no longer need the fan on to sleep at night! Winter is on it’s way. As I mentioned in my worst things about living in Turkey post, winter is cold. Very cold. It always surprises people when I say […]

Cake, wonky buildings & parks..

We went to Fethiye today, mainly to pay the internet, electric and phone bills since it was pay day yesterday, but of course we took a few little detours. First we went to Mercan Pastanesi, our favourite dessert place. They have amazing cakes, pastries and baklava. Today I went for the strawberry cheesecake and Berkay had baklava and icecream. […]

Boncuk’s new home..

Since it’s getting cooler and winter will soon be on it’s way, we decided to get Boncuk a new kennel today (pay day, woo!) It’s second hand from the vet but looks new and was a good deal! 150 lira, paying in two installments. It took us ages to position it right so it would […]

Puppy love..

She’s nearly one so I’m not sure if she still counts as a pup, but I couldn’t resist sharing these adorable photos of Boncuk, Berkay & I (:       We had a lazy day, ate lunch then sat in bed watching a Turkish film while eating popcorn, then walked the dog (: perfect!