Visa’s are the bane of my life.

Honestly, one day they will be the death of me! There is not enough space on the whole internet for me to say quite how I feel, so I won’t bother (: But what really, really irritates me, is seeing British people complain about Turkey’s holiday visa rules, the length of the visa queue on arrival at the airport, the fact people can’t renew the visa every 90days by just hopping on a boat to Rhodes, or how much a rip off the £10 visa is. Honestly, if people realised the effort people went to to get a holiday to the UK, they’d never again complain about having to wait 30 minutes in a queue, or having to pay £10… I guarantee it.

It’s so frustrating seeing people break the rules too, choosing to deliberately overstay their visa or work on a tourist visa illegally.  I don’t understand why people abuse the really very simple Turkish visa system. I wish people just stuck to the rules, people are ignorant and being on the other side and experiencing it from another angle is really frustrating.

Imagine if Turkey were as strict as the UK, just how many British people would still be able to come on holiday, the £80 each fee’s, the hundreds of pieces of paper detailing the life history of every person in the family, proof you have no debt and are rich or have friends in Turkey willing to support you? Tourism would dramatically decrease, I bet.

I thank my lucky stars Turkey’s rules are not as strict as the UK or we’d really be screwed.

12 thoughts on “Visas..

  1. Fortunately for me it’s not something that I have had to worry about. I am settled here and my husband has no desire to visit or live in the UK. But I do sympathise with those of you who find this all so difficult. Particularly hard for the couples with children who find themselves separated for months and sometimes years while they keep applying for spouse visas which are turned down.

    And I do agree with you about those who overstay their visa time here..there’s no excuse, and they deserve the fines and bans that are often imposed.

  2. You are so right. There are many families who are split up because the British will not give a visa for the spouse. This makes me so angry too. If one of the partners is British, there should not be a problem. I was lucky, because I had my own business and was able to provide personal and company bank statements, so my husband was ALLOWED to remain in the UK and eventually took British nationality. I have many friends who have spent hundred of liras trying to obtain a visa only to be refused and they do not return the fee. One guy was told he needed to have at least 56,000 GBP in his bank account before they would consider a 6 months visa. His wife was in the UK, both her parents were ill, eventually her father died and she had breast cancer and they still didn`t budge. It is a complete disgrace.

    • Thats ridiculous :O Berkay has had two visit visas but only had 200tl in his bank both times, my dad was his sponsor. I agree..and the new £18,600 rules are stupid.Ugh, so much I could say about the UK visa system but it makes me so angry.

  3. Well said! I am a British expat living in Turkey and feel for all the families that are separated by the British system – makes me ashamed. Love your blog 🙂

  4. You are so right and that makes me so frustrated…..being Canadian and I married a Turk well it took years with interviews and paperwork and standing in long line ups here in Canada……but most of all he was already living here for a year or so. To me it seems that Turks find it extremely hard to immigrate to Canada but if you are from India or Somali the doors are open…still can’t understand that.
    My husband’s cousins spent big bucks and the Canadian government made them wait and wait even with big bank accounts…..just baffles me. So they eventually stopped and just living back there.

  5. You are so right hun, Ive actually had to look up and say something before in dalaman airport, after people were complaining about the £10 and said they get to come to the uk for free, why should we pay. I soon put them right on that one, the ring leader soon shutup. One of the things I don’t like in turkey however is, that even if you get married you cant work legally until you are a turkish citizen, about 3 years after marriage. Unless you are able to get a legal job as an english teacher or tourist rep, but even then you are not guaranteed you will get placed in turkey. I know the uk system is a joke, but at least if you are lucky enough to get in, you can work straight away to support your family. Turkeys getting more expensive now, and its becoming more common for a wife to work as well.

    • Oh God, what did they say? Haha. People are just ignorant, so irritating. I know, if i could work here legally i probably wouldnt go back to the UK, thats the main problem. Turkey is actually very expensive in relation to wages, youre right. Im gonna do a post about that soon 🙂 x

  6. Oh just that this is ridiculous, we paid for our holiday, why should we pay £10 to get in. They all come into our country for free, for however long they want. They said more and it was pretty racist. That’s when I couldn’t take anymore. Yeh I can understand you wanting to stay, I am back in the uk trying to finish a degree, so that hopefully I could work as an english teacher there, or help with getting a better job in the uk.

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