Cake, wonky buildings & parks..

We went to Fethiye today, mainly to pay the internet, electric and phone bills since it was pay day yesterday, but of course we took a few little detours.

First we went to Mercan Pastanesi, our favourite dessert place. They have amazing cakes, pastries and baklava. Today I went for the strawberry cheesecake and Berkay had baklava and icecream.  So yummy!
1011557_10152179275298776_1852894096_n 1184906_10152179275043776_1651492821_n
Next, after paying bills, we went for a little wander along Fethiye harbour and through the ‘new’ square and park. It’s a year old now, where did that time go?!

Everytime we walk past, this sight never fails to amaze me. How it is safe or practical to live there I really have no idea, imagine sitting inside with a glass of drink or bowl of soup resting on the table.. it would all tip out, everything must be so crooked inside. The building has become more and more slanted over the years, I think it got significantly worse after last year’s earthquake too. It just sits wedged in by the surrounding apartments now, it’s only a matter of time though, I don’t think it’s safe at all. 
1238744_10152179275378776_225165541_n 1174771_10152179275123776_1178993255_n
Then we just carried on walking through the park, but stopped when we got to the playground as we had to catch the last bus that goes past our house at 18.30. It is beautiful with the fountains turned on and is really clean. I love the statues too.
1005516_10152179275223776_849455868_n 1237109_10152179274793776_1688284184_n1236999_10152179274908776_829441015_n 12
Sometimes I wish I was a kid again so I could take full advantage !

3 thoughts on “Cake, wonky buildings & parks..

  1. My current squeeze actually lives in the white narrow wonky building on the left in the above pictures. It doesn’t seem quite so bad inside although there are some awesome cracks in the wall!

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