Yesterday this blog hit 70,000 views, I’m sure there are blogs out there that achieve this in days, or hours, but for little old me to get 70,000 views it is a big achievement.

I’m amazed that so many people are interested in what I have to say. Anyone who knows me knows I am a very shy person, and I rarely express my true feelings or emotions, even around friends and family. Creating this blog provided the perfect opportunity for me to get my thoughts down in words, to express myself in another way.

I started the blog to show people how I found life as an expat in Turkey, I’m well aware of the opinions people have of girls who live in Turkey, I’ve had comments made to me, from strangers, friends and family, about it being one big holiday, and I was determined to show that this is not the case at all. I wanted to show real life and real struggles, I wanted to prove my life wasn’t one big holiday paid for my mum and dad, it was a day to day struggle but also a wonderful, life changing experience. When I moved back to the UK, the purpose of my blog changed slightly, and it was more a personal diary, a way of expressing my feelings and a way to deal with the separation of being away from Berkay.  I want my blog to continue to show my journey, my thoughts, feeling and opinions, for it to be somewhere I am free to say simply what I am thinking.

I have had so, so much support from people I don’t even know, strangers have commented that my blog posts have made them cry, made them smile, the amount of comments I got when me and Berkay were reunited in December, and equally the amount of comments I got when he returned home again, were amazing. People have commented that they feel they are on a journey with me, they feel they know me even though we have never met, nor even spoken. I am so thankful for the words of support I have had from strangers, I am truely amazed that so many people care about what I have to say, since I am a girl of few words in ‘real life’.

Thank you all so much for reading, liking, sharing and commenting.