Monthly Archives: May 2014

Turkish restaurant in London.

While Berkay was in England last month, we took a trip to a Turkish restaurant in London. It was amazing! We went to the Efes restaurant onΒ Commercial Road (click HERE for their website), which was recommended by my dad. Don’t get too excited by the name Β – they didn’t serve any alcohol at all. It […]

Moving back to Turkey!?

Since the last post I wrote, a lot has changed. I had big decisions to make over bank holiday weekend, and now that I’ve made up my mind and informed everyone in ‘real life’, I can share here! So here it is….. I’m moving back to Turkey! … temporarily at least. Since Berkay came here […]

Park, Bluebells and Marshmallow Icecream..

This post is way over due. In fact it was over 2 weeks ago that these photos were taken, but one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place was so that I could look back over time on what I was doing ‘this time last week’, ‘this time last month’, ‘this […]


Although I’m not in Turkey, and not with Berkay, he still updates me with photos everyday. Photos of the changing face of Calis, photos of the hotel, photos of him at work, photos of Boncuk. Yesterday he told me there was a small earthquake in the morning, I’m not sure many people felt it as […]