Although I’m not in Turkey, and not with Berkay, he still updates me with photos everyday. Photos of the changing face of Calis, photos of the hotel, photos of him at work, photos of Boncuk.
20140504-101008.jpg 20140504-100953.jpg
Yesterday he told me there was a small earthquake in the morning, I’m not sure many people felt it as it was only 4.1 on the scale but Berkay was working in the hotel all night and heard the rumbling and saw the door swinging open then people dashing outside – scary. 4.1 is nothing though, when I was there 2 years ago they had a 6.1 one – worst experience of my life that was, resulting in sleeping in the boot of my neighbour’s car for a few days. Eugh.

The tremor worried Berkay enough not to sleep all day, despite working all night. Instead of sleeping, he took Boncuk to the vet for her booster injections. The vet is a 45 minute walk away, or 10 minutes on the dolmus, but since dogs aren’t allowed on the buses, they had to walk. He said poor Boncuk is scared of everything, cars, bikes, rubbish bins – she’s crazy! They got to the vet and although they loved her, Boncuk did not love them. She’s so good though, didn’t growl or bite, she’s such a lovely thing really. They gave her her injection, some flea-treatment (she doesn’t have fleas, just a preventative!)  and some vitamin powder to add to her food as she’s skinny , apparently that’s normal for the kind of dog she is! After the injection the vet told Berkay to sit with her outside with a bowl of water and wait for a little while before they started their walk home. How cute? It’s hard to find a decent vet in Turkey but it sounds like this is one of them! They really trust Berkay too – he always buys food off them on a ‘buy now- pay later’ promise, and let us pay for Boncuk’s kennel in installments.
20140504-101001.jpg  20140504-100947.jpg
See, lots of people say Turks don’t care about animals, I think Berkay proves otherwise! He has hardly any money himself and it would be oh so easy to not bother with her injections, yet there he was, walking an hour and a half and spending 80tl to take her to the vet.

In other news – my blog reached 120,000 views! I’m truely amazed. Thank you all!

Sorry for not updating this more regularly. I remember the days when I’d update it everyday! It’s been a shit week, and although I normally share everything on here, I can’t really talk about this on here where anyone and everyone can see.

I’ll be back later tonight with another post – hopefully.

4 thoughts on “Vets…

  1. what i find is that turks do care about animals even if their relationship with them is not the same as that of north americans or some europeans. what i find funny is when people treat their pets like a child ( see north america).

  2. Awww Danni,loving the pics n blog as usual. A shit week yes I know what that’s like had a few of them myself lately. I’m such a nosy poke I always try n have a read of your blog as often as I can lol. You just hold your head up high n be proud of yourself I’m sure good times are ahead for you lota love Morgan x x

  3. Lovely photo’s and she looks very healthy, Berkay is doing such a good job and the vet sounds excellent. A long walk though, both of them must have been exhausted.xx

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