30 DAYS, 30 DISHES – DAY 9: Sütlaç

Sütlaç is Turkish rice pudding. There are two types – simple rice pudding cooked on the stove, and ‘fırın sütlaç’ – where it’s put in the oven afterwards to brown off, which gives it a different taste. It’s always served cold and can be flavoured with lots of different things, but usually vanilla. The first photo was a simple banana flavoured rice pudding made by Berkay’s aunt, the ones below are oven-baked rice pudding, vanilla flavoured with coconut on top.

I do like the taste, but the texture puts me off a bit, especially when it has the skin on!

4 thoughts on “30 DAYS, 30 DISHES – DAY 9: Sütlaç

  1. Sooo yummy. I miss my granny’s sutlac! Are you going to feature tavuk gogusu kazandibi separately? I love that stuff too. Wish I was brave enough to make these things myself. I did make krem cokola once and it turned out well, so I don’t know what I’m scared of!

      • It sounds way worse than it is. I never would’ve thought of putting chicken in pudding, but it seems to work! It doesn’t taste like chicken or anything, just adds a different texture. Sort of like zucchini bread, I guess — zucchini doesn’t seem like it would be good in dessert, but somehow it works. There’s a Turkish dessert that uses carrots, too, but I can’t remember what it’s called, I’ve only eaten it once 🙂

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