Getting ready for summer!

Even though most hotels in Calis opened ready for the summer season on 1st May, the hotel Berkay works in has only just opened.
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They’ve been working really hard to get it ready over the past week – I never understand why they leave it to the last minute and have a mad rush rather than doing it all over 2-3 weeks instead! Berkay has been working all night on reception at Vizon Hotel in Fethiye, and then all day in their sister hotel Grand Vizon Hotel in Calis. He’s been cleaning, tiling, grouting, washing, filling the pool, cementing the edges, cutting the grass, climbing ladders, cutting trees, painting… On Friday their hard work paid off and the hotel was finished all ready for summer. On Saturday morning the first coach of guests arrived.
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Summer is the best time of year for Berkay as he earns nearly double his winter wages, but this year we were both a bit worried about the imminent arrival of summer as it meant that our dog Boncuk wouldn’t be able to stay in the hotel any longer. She’s been living there with Berkay during the winter as it’s closed and she could wander around free and safe behind the fence and gates. The boss said she couldn’t stay in summer, so we were worried about where to put her. As I said in my last post, we did have options, we had permission from the owner of a little pancake cafe opposite that would let her stay there, but she wouldn’t be fenced in which would mean she had to be chained up all day, and if she ever managed to get loose – she’d be free to roam the streets  – something that terrifies me as not only would she most likely get lost but she also has no experience of fending for herself and would most likely get run-over, so obviously although we had options of where she could stay as a last resort, we’d prefer for her to stay put where she is – safely behind the hotel gates.

As it happens, Berkay’s boss has grown rather fond of Boncuk. He’s been helping them get the hotel ready and although Boncuk was scared of him at first, she started to like him, Berkay tells me that the boss has even playing with her, stroking her and feeding her treats – he’s a miserable thing, so this was quite surprising.  He decided that she could stay at the hotel on a trial, as long as she doesn’t bark at and/or disturb the guests. This is all after he’s witnessed her at her worst… in the past few days she’s managed to walk through wet concrete and made them have to do it all again, she’s chewed through cables, made holes in the hose, and stole a sponge and chewed it up all over the newly cleaned restaurant. After all of that, he was still willing to give her a chance… she must’ve really won him over!

This has made me so happy, but so nervous she’s going to do something naughty and get herself kicked out. Everytime I speak to Berkay I ask him if Boncuk is behaving, I’m sure he’s sick of me asking! She’s been really good, when people are arriving she just lets out a little bark and then goes quiet – hopefully as the season goes on she’ll get more and more used to it and not bark at all. Today, the boss was in the hotel during breakfast and with permission from the small number of guests already there, they let Boncuk off her chain to walk around the garden grounds – they closed all the doors so she couldn’t get inside, but she was wandering around the poolside/restaurant area and made friends with a German couple who fed her some cheese and egg from their breakfast plate. How cute?! I’m actually quite jealous everyone is admiring the cuteness of my dog when I’m not there, I hope she hasn’t forgotten me with all these new, exciting people to meet! The boss also let Boncuk play with her daughter, and if anyone knows Turkish people they’ll know how afraid and wary most of them are about letting dogs near their children, so this is a big deal. I hope Boncuk carries on being good so that she’ll get to stay at the hotel for as long as possible, she’s much safer there.
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Turkey isn’t the only place getting ready for summer  – it’s been absolutely glorious sunshine here in London today! I’ve been playing out in the garden with my little sister all day (she’s a fellow minion fan – check out her bag in her little playhouse), and even done some sunbathing on the trampoline ! In fact, it was 22oc here today, although it felt even hotter,, according to weather reports, it was 22oc in Fethiye also – but cloudy! Can’t really complain can we? We all had a lovely BBQ in the garden which went down well with a ice cold glass of Strongbow cider. Mmmmm. What’s the betting that next weekend will be raining – it is Bank Holiday after all.
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3 thoughts on “Getting ready for summer!

  1. It is great Boncuk has a trial at the hotel, let’s hope she proves herself. In Turunc there are a businesses with dogs which seem to be ok with guests. I understand what you mean about turks being afraid of dogs around kids, even my little tiny dogs scare them (both smaller than the monster cats that live round here). On the whole I am noticing a change in attitudes though and people are becoming much more dog-friendly. I realise how lucky I am being able to have mine with me though. Even flying from Istanbul to Dalaman they can fly in thr cabin with me. I always dread having someone next to me who is not dog friendly as even though they have to stay in their carrier I still talk to them and give them water etc. Sometimes on the havaş if it is quiet and dark I get them out to sit on my lap for the journey to marmaris.
    I bet you can’t wait to see Boncuk. Are you on a countdown?

  2. Hi Danni, so happy for you that all seems to be going well for you Berkay and Boncuk.
    Do you know when are you going to Turkey?

    With regard to your comment about the German couple feeding Boncuk cheese and egg.
    I do not want to rain on your parade, but please consider the following information.
    It was taken from
    ~Using human foods maybe safe occasionally but can often be toxic to dogs, and can sometimes pose health risks.
    CHEESE; While cheese and other dairy products are not poisonous to dogs(unless they contain any mould that is) they are difficult for dogs to digest. This is because dogs DO NOT possess large amounts of LACTASE, which helps break down dairy. For this reason, feeding your dog cheese or other dairy can cause diarrhea and other digestive issues.It should be avoided as a snack.
    EGGS: Like Humans, Dogs should avoid raw eggs(do you know that they are FULLY cooked) as they can cause hair and skin problems and can pose a salmonela threat. Hard boiled eggs are fine as an occasional treat though as long as your dog does not show and adverse reaction to them.

    Danni, I am a huge fan of yours, but please be carefull because when more and more guests start to arrive, if Boncuk,gets used to them feeding her, and you are not fully aware of what she is eating, nor how many guests are feeding her, there could be health problems (needing very expensive vets fees), she could get very fat, and there is a possibility that the hotel manager may move her from the hotel if she gets ill with diarrehea,& vomiting (Berkay may be asked to clear this up each time, he has enough to do) and the guests will not appreciate it! Also not all guests will be dog lovers and think that it “IS CUTE” and may complain, which may result in him having to leave the hotel.

    It would be really sad for you and Berkay if Boncuk was moved from the hotel, as you say in your post you would be very worried about her. Please consider her health with regard to guests feeding her (there will be hundreds over the season) and the potential large vets bills,making her unwell and you do not know what or how much she will be fed.

    As always Kind regards Jan.

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