Settling in?

So, I’ve been here in Turkey for 5 weeks now, where on earth has the time gone?

It’s been a while since I done a personal thoughts & feelings post, I’ve been focusing more on writing about days out and things to do and see. When I started this blog it was just going to be something personal, a kind of diary to look back on, but as time has gone on, more and more people read and as grateful as I am for the nearly 160,000 views I have, I’m less comfortable with sharing now, you can’t trust anyone on the internet and writing posts sharing personal thoughts and feelings gives people a lot of information to judge you on.

I do want to be as honest and as real as possible though. That being said, I thought it was time to do a post about how I’ve settled back into life here in Turkey and what I’m missing about England.

The first night I was here alone as Berkay had to work, and it hit me that I’d be spending a lot of my time alone again, I started to question whether I’d done the right thing and that maybe the grass is always greener on the other side… I also didn’t feel as ‘safe’ in this house, it’s much more central than our old one and there are more people around, it’s not as private.

The first few weeks I was here, I didn’t want to be in the house much, I was always bugging Berkay so we could go out and do something, walking, swimming, pointless trips to Fethiye… I think I wanted to spend as little time as possible in our house so that I didn’t get attached again, if it feels like home it’ll be harder to leave…

Well after being here 5 weeks I’m well and truly settled, our house DOES feel like home, there’s nothing I like more than sitting on the balcony with Berkay after dinner and just playing backgammon or watching a film. It’s just like the old days. I feel totally safe in our house and love it here. It took some getting used to living in a basic house again, no bath, no walk in shower, just a wet room with a tap and shower on the wall that makes the entire room and toilet seat soaking wet after each use! Not being able to flush the toilet paper took some getting use to again too!

I honestly do not miss England. I miss my family sometimes obviously, but I speak to my mum and grandparents everyday on Facetime without fail. I miss my little sister the most because we’re so close, no matter my mood she always cheers me up – I’ve been facetiming with Dad and seeing her, she always says ‘are you coming home yet Dan’ or mentions something about me coming back so I think she misses me too (:

I thought I might miss English food, a nice roast dinner, Cadbury’s chocolate, Monster Munch, ham sandwiches but I don’t really – although I am now drooling at the thought of all of the aforementioned! I love a lot of Turkish food so it doesn’t bother me much – perhaps the only thing I do miss is being able to chuck a ready made jar of sauce on the pasta or get some easy to cook, ready flavored Birdseye chicken out of the freezer. Everything has to be made from scratch – not much frozen food exists here!

I do not miss work at all, but I do miss having structure to my days. Anyone who knows me knows I have to have plans, I have to know what I’m doing and at what time, I’m not very spontaneous!

I’ve fallen into the habit of adapting to Berkay’s work/sleep pattern again. He works from 8pm – 9am everyday and sleeps either during the morning or the afternoon. I’ve started following that and not sleeping all night which is really bad – I’m still awake the same amount of time as anyone else, just all night instead of all day, which sometimes is a blessing as I don’t feel the unbearable heat. I’m still reliant on Berkay most of the time, when I lived here before I never went out without him. This time I walk the dog on my own and walk along Calis seafront a couple of times a week when he’s gone to work and just sit on the beach alone and watch the sunset. I love that.

All in all, I’ve settled back in and am still determined to make the most of every minute here. On Tuesday 8th Berkay and I have been together for 4 years. That’s really crazy, it seems like just yesterday we met, but then again sometimes it feels like we’ve been together so much longer, we’re like an old married couple, yet we’re not old and we’re not married. (;

I cannot believe it’s July already, how scary. More than half way through the year and I only have a few more months in Turkey… it’s not going to be any easier leaving this time than the last.
I’ll leave you with a few photos of the beautiful sunsets I witnessed in Calis last week. ❤

 IMG_3321 IMG_3322IMG_3324 IMG_3325

10 thoughts on “Settling in?

  1. Love reading your blog Danni,wish I could move to Turkey but there is no way,unless a big lotto win that I will ever be able to come to live.We have been to Calis for 2 weeks but have friends in Marmaris so we usually stay in Icmeler because Marmaris is to busy for us.We are spending 4 weeks in Turkey this year,2 in June and another 2 in September,all-inclusive for one holiday and self catering for the other.

  2. Hi Danni,loving your blog as usual,people will always judge others no matter who they are,try not to worry about pleased you have settled in your new home,everything takes time. No matter what you write you always make me smile your comment about cadburys chocolate did just that however my daughter has pointed out you also like m & ms lol.
    Bet your Lil sis misses you loads bless her,still it’s good you have FaceTime with her I’m sure she loves seeing you on the screen. Will send you a message on cbf. Love to you both Morgan x x

  3. In our wetroom, we use the largest size Turkish washing up bowl, fill it from the tap and then ” bath ” in it. To empty just take out a fair amount and put on your plants and then tip remainder down the drain, if you buy the wood decking tiles and have some of them on the floor you won’t get a soggy floor then. Works well if you use as a shower as well just catching water in the bowl.

  4. Loving your blog Dannie its really interesting did not get much chance to talk at mums wedding but it was a lovely day. I dont think I would want to come back to England been to Turkey a couple of times and loved it and the people were lovely enjoy your time there lots of love Carol (your mums aunty)

  5. That’s ok,I don’t expect a reply straight away,judging by your blog you have been a busy Lil bee lol. Will message you with details of our visit and take it from there. My daughter has just seen your comment n said see i told you Danni likes m & m’s lol. Happy days 😀 love to you both Morgan x

  6. Hi Danni
    It’s been really interesting reading your blog as I’m considering moving to Turkey myself next year. My boyfriend currently works in a hotel in Oludeniz managing the bar and reception at night. He says he will change his job if I come out as he feels we would never see each other if he continued to work there. I know he enjoys his work and don’t think I would want him to leave just because he feels he needs to ‘babysit’ me. Does it make it difficult to spend time together when your boyfriend’s working nights? Going off your accounts of your days out etc I don’t think it seems to be much of a problem but I would be grateful for any advice you could offer.
    Nic x

    • Hi Nicola – Hope all goes well if you decide to move 🙂 I actually prefer Berkay working nights – we never get an evening/night together but thats ok, ive adopted his sleep pattern and end up sleeping during the day with him and staying awake all night – its really bad lol. He comes home at 9ish and sleeps til 3 then we get 5 hours together in the afternoon so I see him more than if he was working all day. When we have days out he sleeps a bit at work the night before but still gets tired during the day with no sleep – then the moody side comes out, if he can deal with the tiredness and doesn’t throw hissy fits it’s better hehe xx

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