Turkish goodies giveaway!

When I started my blog back in August 2013, 9 months ago, I never expected many people to read it, it was more of a personal thing for me to look back on, so when I reached 1,000 views I was amazed. Time went on, and it became more popular, more people read including some very loyal members who comment on every post, and then I got to 10,000  views… then 50,000….. then 100,000 and I really was flabbergasted.

I also created a Facebook page for my blog a few days ago, and have over 400 likes on that – which is also amazing! 🙂 Click HERE to go to the page and please like it if you haven’t already so that you won’t miss any blog updates!

Four months ago I done a little thank you giveaway to celebrate 70,000 views. Now I have almost double that, with 136,000+ so I think another giveaway is well overdue. It’s not much, just another little something to say THANK YOU to my readers. Although there will only be one winner, I’m so thankful to each and everyone of you for reading, liking, sharing and commenting on my posts – I really do feel like I’ve made some friends through doing this. The comments I get always make me smile, I read every single one. Just knowing people click onto my blog to read what little-old-me is saying is a weird feeling – but a good one. I feel like you’re all on a little journey with me, from when I first started and was living in Turkey, to the challenges and emotions I faced when moving back to England, the stress of visas and excitement when Berkay comes to visit me, the sadness when he goes home again, and now of course all the excitement of moving back to Turkey again for the summer. I hope to keep my blog posts up while I’m there, even if I don’t have internet access at home to enable me to post regularly, I’ll continue to write posts occasionally using a wifi spot elsewhere.  I hope you’ll all carry on reading and carry on going on this little journey with me!

Enough of the soppy stuff – now for the details of the giveaway! I was struggling to think of something to give, but I wanted it to be Turkey-related. I decided to take a trip to the Turkish Food Centre to buy some goodies to put together a little package. Here’s what it will include:

Apple Tea – good hot or left to cool with ice cubes in – yum!
Turkish delight – rose and lemon flavour. This is really, really good. I took a box into work yesterday and it was all eaten! It’s better than the normal pre-packed boxes.
 Cin biscuits – biscuits with orange jelly and chocolate sprinkles – a bit like Jaffa cakes.
Tutku biscuits – biscuits with chocolate cream in the middle.
Kombo biscuits – biscuits half dipped in chocolate and coconut- my favourites!
A sachet of Salep – just add hot milk, it’s a thick, milky drink with cinnamon. Mmmm.
A Turkish Eye keyring.
20140524-152749.jpg 20140524-152840.jpg 20140524-152827.jpg 20140524-152820.jpg 20140523-231722.jpg 20140523-231600.jpg 20140524-152757.jpg 20140524-152805.jpg
To enter, all you have to do is comment on THIS blog post – it has to be on here directly, not on a facebook comment – and say what your favourite thing to eat in Turkey is – it can be anything, even an English breakfast 😉 I’ll choose the winner at random using a random number/name generator.  It’s only open for people in the UK/ROI I’m afraid, as I don’t know the customs rules for sending food to other countries. Winner will be chosen after 8pm on Monday 26th May and will be announced on here via a new post.

A little disclaimer, I paid for this with my own money, it was not given to me. I also earn no money at all from my blog, I do not get paid per view or receive any income from adverts, I blog entirely for fun, and just wanted to do a little giveaway to say a huge thanks for helping me reach over 136,000 views, and 400+ on Facebook! 

Thank you all so much once again, and good luck.

81 thoughts on “Turkish goodies giveaway!

  1. Congrats on your high numbers. Can understand why people love your blog as much because there is just something about the way that you write. I love every new post from you. Great that you have a facebook page, and you just got a new follower there 🙂 As I live in Turkey I can not take part in this give away. But got to say that my favourite turkish food to eat is without a doubt menemen 🙂

  2. My favourite food in Turkey is anything at all eaten with my Turkish friends,Murat and Mitzi Dasdemir.They live in Marmaris and are a young couple we met when Murat was working on his sister and brother-in-law’s boat,3 years ago.They now have a boat of their own doing day trips.

  3. Eep! Salep and Tutku biscuits – my favourites! I can’t believe there’s a Turkish food centre in London. So jealous! I miss Blendax shampoo.
    But I mention it all over my blogland – my absolute favourite food is pide. Hmm, but favourite thing about Turkey… I’d have to say the sea. My mom named me after Kadinlar Denizi in Kusadasi (back when they used to go there in the really good old days when it was all empty and pretty).

  4. Seriously pregnant woman craving all the Turkish food lol , especially after seeing the cin an tutku!! Literally miss everything about the place, especially sitting on the floor having food with the family. Glad your finally moving back over danni, be happy together however much time you get with each other is better than none at all xx

  5. Your blog posts make me smile really and you are so strong for dealing with moving back and forth, can’t be easy! My favourite thing to eat is Cheetos or mashed potatoes – they are much better in Turkey than Scotland lol – well done on coming so far with your blog posts and i hope you continue to get more readers as they really are well worth the read! x

  6. Love your blog its real life of the true struggles and strains. I admire you for what you have done and doing moving away to Turkey.
    My favourite food to eat has got to be kebab.

  7. Hi Danny. First of all I love your blogs. They have brightened up many dreary bus journeys for me en route to work:) Wishing you and Berkay all the best of luck in the world. Keep blogging. My favourite Turkish food is Baklava as I have a very sweet tooth. X

  8. My favourite has to be the Turkish pancakes, they are all lovely whether savoury or sweet! Congratulations on all the views hun, I’m not surprised as your blog is wonderful, personal but also informative. I never normally read blogs, but I’m hooked on yours haha xx

  9. Hi Danni, congrats on so many likes, your blog is amazing and you have such a great way of writing that draws the reader in and keeps you entertained. Good luck for the next leg of your adventure. My fave thing to eat in turkey is lahmacun; best I’ve ever had was in Haymana on our pre-wedding honeymoon as we couldn’t have one after.

  10. I love Adana Kebabs……can’t wait until August to have one 🙂 I love reading your blog Danni, keep them coming!!! xx

  11. Love u r blog Danni look forward to it . My fav food is pide and love Turkish delight . All the best for u r return to turkey . My husband is turkish been in Scotland for 12 years loves it here hates going back for holidays does not like being a tourist he says lol !! . Dragging him back for a week in June

  12. Hi. I love your blog I get all excited when I see you have posted one. I have been visiting turkey for over 20years I just love it and have to have a turkey fix every year lol. When my girls where little we used to love the turkish packet soup with the delicious bread. My husband loves all the sweet cakes bakalva ( dont no if the spelling right) I love the turkish biscuits yet some off yours I havent tried. But love the little pizzas from the supermarket just right to take to the beach 🙂 the different turkish pan we have to deffo have. There are loads we have tried there just a few what bring bk the memories of turkey. I hope you have a great summer with berkay and your lovely doggie boncuk. X

  13. Congratulations on your views! Having a Turkish partner I can totally relate to feeling trapped and stuck in England and the horrible times that I experience when I leave turkey. It’s inspiring to see that your going back to turkey, I just wish I had the guts. It takes a great person to share both good and bad experiences. All of which link to the fact it’s not a big holiday. Keep up the good work and a safe journey to turkey! Enjoy your time and make beautiful memories with your askim 🙂

  14. Actually came across this blog after my nana told me about it ! now I’m addicted 🙂 Turkish meze is my fav always bring loads home and freeze it

  15. I am inTurkey as well but wanted to participate 😉 My two,favorites are Kaymak (and real village Kaymak, not store kind) and Ramazan Pide with fresh tereyağı ….Yummmmmm!

  16. Hey!
    Love your blog. Have it emailed to me and read it all the time. and personally think your making the best decision to go back regardless of what people think!! Good luck to you:) xx

    Favourite thing to eat though. Wow that’s hard lol ….
    I went to this lovely resturant in Hisaruno last year called mirage ABSOLUTELY loved their kofta (if that’s how you spell it) meatballs stuffed with mash potato with rice and peppers .. Had that 3 times on my two week holiday so nice!!!
    ALSO there is a Turkish resturant near me which I’m constantly in haha love the Lahmacun the Turkish pizza. Traditional but best!!!

    Would eat Turkish food all the time. Defiantly prefer it to English food big time !!!!

    Jess x

  17. Congratulations on so many views, it’s always great to read new updates, and I’m glad ur moving back to be with Berkay, I hope you have a fantastic summer together.

    I love sucuk and baklava. Really need to get back to Turkey ASAP haven’t been back in over a year and miss it soo much. 🙂 xx

  18. Love reading your blogs. My favourite thing to eat while I’m in Turkey is the yummy ekmek (bread) the wee shops sell. I do like other things too lol. I do enjoy a Turkish night trying the different dishes. Roll on July. Wish you and Berkay the best for the future. xxx

  19. My favourite thing to eat in turkey would be milka! After our night out we always pop into one of the little shops and get a bar and by the time we get back to the hotel it’s soft and yummy! Lol xx

  20. I love reading blogs, you are such a strong young woman.. Stay true to yourself Danni. Enjoy your summer in Turkey with Berkey and your puppy dog. My favourite food is salt fish xx

  21. Hey Danni,well I seem to comment every time you have a new post due to the fact I’m so nosy and can’t resist a good read. My favourite turkish food well I know it’s going to sound boring but I love the pancakes in the market,sweet or savoury any one will do lol. Hope that passport of yours turns up soon,we are soooooo excited for you x

  22. Love your blogs Danni, but turkish food were do I start , kofte (I make my own now in england) lots of different dishes with bulgar wheat , adana kebas and love kaymak.and there are lots more , like to try new things when there and ask my turkish friends how to cook them , and then try to cook them myself, then ask them to try them to make sure I have got them right , good luck when you go back to your family look forward to read more of your blogs xxx

  23. Danni we love most Turkish food and my other half always has to go for a lamb shank at our favourite Turkish Restaurant ‘Suzanne’ in Hisaranou. Love a good traditional Turkish breakfast and Pide’s for lunch. Keep up your blog its great reading and I hope you have a lovely time with Berkay before his national service ….enjoy every second…. look forward to reading about your move back to Turkey and your reconciliation with Berkay and your doggie. Keep up the good work. We are off in June for 10 days only can’t wait..

  24. I have only found your blog since you came back to uk
    but have caught up with the first few
    My fav food is the chicken casarol i dont know the turkish name but it is so nice
    Danni i wish the 3 of you a wonderful summer .

  25. Good Luck Danni on the next part of your journey, i love your blogs immensly . You have a fantastic way of writing things that makes us all feel we, are on this journey with you. xx

  26. Well done danni love following your story.my fav turkish food is quite boring its the lovely bread they serve with the dips yum

  27. I love the fresh Turkish bread and the Turkish rice pudding .thanks for your posts Danni,I really enjoy reading them

  28. Hi Danni I love your blog I don’t comment often but keep watching 🙂 and favourite food has to be the bread x

  29. Hey hun, congratulations on your blog being so successful. I myself lived in turkey and you going back for summer reminded me so much of my own life back in the day! Gods luck for the season!
    PS where is this Turkish supermarket? I wish there was one by me! X

  30. Hey dani

    firstly only started reading your blog about a month ago still need to catch up love it already! My favourite turkish food is the big bread restaurants give you with the dips before main meal miss it so much!!

    Take care and all the best in your future xx

  31. Danni, I’m so chuffed that yourself, Berkay and Boncuk are going to be together again soon! I love your blog and I’m already looking forward to reading your updates from “home”!
    I have many favourite foods in Turkey but some of my favourites are menemen, Conan kavurma, minced beef and egg pide and of course lahmahcun (sp) Apple tea is also a favourite and my stock from last year is almost gone……so, it’d be Ab Fab to win your prize!
    All the best to you, love Trena xx

  32. I love reading all your blogs from the first one to present. I love taking the journey with you and share a lot of the highs and lows you go though. It does not surprise me in the least that it is so popular always written from the heart and so down to earth. Keep up the great work. My daughters favourite is Kadayif, always got to head straight to the shops to stock up and I will alway partake in a little Baklava myself. But must say the first Efes Shandy that is waiting on the bar when I arrive is always the best 🙂 xx

  33. My favourite turkish food is icli kofte! Danni I love reading your blog, so thank you for sharing a part of your life with all us readers! I wish you and Berkay a happy summer, and I will continue reading and following your amazing journey x

  34. Congrats danni on the high numbers! I have so many favourite foods and there favourite for completely different reasons.. lahmacun it was basically my guilty pleasure in turkey having a lahmacun takeaway was a better feeling than having a chinese one here! Sutlac I love it so much & I used to get one brought home every night! Tutku biscuits & crax were my craving with Elisa 😀 I used to have a box full sent over every month! Turkish bread & roka because its the food baba used to want as soon as he come home from work that will always be a favourite because the taste is a memory that will live on ♥ 🙂 #sorrysolong #nostalgic

  35. Congratulations on your blog you must be so proud and rightly so! My daughter will be moving to Fethiye next year so everything you blog is of interest to me! Feel really nervous about her move but fingers crossed she will be as happy as you and Berkay xxx

  36. Lovely to read your blog Danni and you are right I feel as if I am on the journey with you. As for my favourite Turkish food that is difficult as I am still trying as much as I can . One thing I really enjoy fresh bread from the local bakery . Take care and keep writing xx

  37. Hi, for me my favourite has to be the first morning breakfast… because I know I get to wake up to two weeks of glorious weather, beautiful views, amazing places to visit and friendly people.. what else can a girl want 😉

  38. I love your blog Danni and I’m so pleaaed for you that you are going back to Turkey for the summer. I wish yourself and Berkay all the happiness in the world.

    Now favourite turkish food? …… there’s so much but I do love Pide xxxx

  39. Helloooo!

    My favourite food that I love in Turkey has to be some cheese borek! Although I do love most Turkish food 🙂

    Love following your journey as I had a similar journey with my now husband! Long distance is hard but definitely worth the wait. I still get excited waking up to my hubby everyday lol

    Bet you are so excited to go back and have an amazing few months with your lovely partner 🙂 xxx

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