Turkish goodies giveaway!

When I started my blog back in August 2013, 9 months ago, I never expected many people to read it, it was more of a personal thing for me to look back on, so when I reached 1,000 views I was amazed. Time went on, and it became more popular, more people read including some very loyal members who comment on every post, and then I got to 10,000  views… then 50,000….. then 100,000 and I really was flabbergasted.

I also created a Facebook page for my blog a few days ago, and have over 400 likes on that – which is also amazing! 🙂 Click HERE to go to the page and please like it if you haven’t already so that you won’t miss any blog updates!

Four months ago I done a little thank you giveaway to celebrate 70,000 views. Now I have almost double that, with 136,000+ so I think another giveaway is well overdue. It’s not much, just another little something to say THANK YOU to my readers. Although there will only be one winner, I’m so thankful to each and everyone of you for reading, liking, sharing and commenting on my posts – I really do feel like I’ve made some friends through doing this. The comments I get always make me smile, I read every single one. Just knowing people click onto my blog to read what little-old-me is saying is a weird feeling – but a good one. I feel like you’re all on a little journey with me, from when I first started and was living in Turkey, to the challenges and emotions I faced when moving back to England, the stress of visas and excitement when Berkay comes to visit me, the sadness when he goes home again, and now of course all the excitement of moving back to Turkey again for the summer. I hope to keep my blog posts up while I’m there, even if I don’t have internet access at home to enable me to post regularly, I’ll continue to write posts occasionally using a wifi spot elsewhere.  I hope you’ll all carry on reading and carry on going on this little journey with me!

Enough of the soppy stuff – now for the details of the giveaway! I was struggling to think of something to give, but I wanted it to be Turkey-related. I decided to take a trip to the Turkish Food Centre to buy some goodies to put together a little package. Here’s what it will include:

Apple Tea – good hot or left to cool with ice cubes in – yum!
Turkish delight – rose and lemon flavour. This is really, really good. I took a box into work yesterday and it was all eaten! It’s better than the normal pre-packed boxes.
 Cin biscuits – biscuits with orange jelly and chocolate sprinkles – a bit like Jaffa cakes.
Tutku biscuits – biscuits with chocolate cream in the middle.
Kombo biscuits – biscuits half dipped in chocolate and coconut- my favourites!
A sachet of Salep – just add hot milk, it’s a thick, milky drink with cinnamon. Mmmm.
A Turkish Eye keyring.
20140524-152749.jpg 20140524-152840.jpg 20140524-152827.jpg 20140524-152820.jpg 20140523-231722.jpg 20140523-231600.jpg 20140524-152757.jpg 20140524-152805.jpg
To enter, all you have to do is comment on THIS blog post – it has to be on here directly, not on a facebook comment – and say what your favourite thing to eat in Turkey is – it can be anything, even an English breakfast 😉 I’ll choose the winner at random using a random number/name generator.  It’s only open for people in the UK/ROI I’m afraid, as I don’t know the customs rules for sending food to other countries. Winner will be chosen after 8pm on Monday 26th May and will be announced on here via a new post.

A little disclaimer, I paid for this with my own money, it was not given to me. I also earn no money at all from my blog, I do not get paid per view or receive any income from adverts, I blog entirely for fun, and just wanted to do a little giveaway to say a huge thanks for helping me reach over 136,000 views, and 400+ on Facebook! 

Thank you all so much once again, and good luck.

81 thoughts on “Turkish goodies giveaway!

  1. hi Danni I love reading your blogs

    my favourate food when in Turkey is chicken kebab

    be happy with your move back to Turkey you deserve it xx

  2. Danni, I love reading, I don’t always leave a comment. I wish you every happiness in the world when you get back “home” to Turkey, Berkay and Boncuk. My favourite food in Hamsi cooked by the inlaws when I visit in Aydin.

  3. Soo happy you are finally going home!!

    Can’t wait to read the happy updates and see happy photos!

    My favourite food is, pide, cig kofte, patlican kebab, hmm too many to choose from. I’m making myself hungry.


  4. I can’t wait to start reading your blogs when you are back in Fethiye, my other half is in the army at the moment and I’m really missing my Fethiye holidays (and him!!!) My favourite food is when the boyfriend finds random things in the fridge and throws them all together for our breakfast. Has made me value food in the UK. I also can’t forget the pistachio chocolate bars in the green wrapping (not sure what it’s called).

    Hope your passport arrives soon and when I’m next in Fethiye, lets meet up for a girly chat 🙂

  5. Love reading your blogs & hope you carry on writing them when you go back to turkey . My favourite food is a beef stew our hotel restaurant do its fab 🙂

  6. I showed my 6 year old this and we were talking about all the yummy things we eat when we with baba were both now craving Pide and Tutku biscuits. Loving the blog good luck with everything xx

  7. My favourite food is Lahmacun & Kusbasi Pide! I love reading your blogs & wish you,Berkay & Boncuk all the best.Bet you can’t wait to get your passport & get on the plane & see Berkay waiting for you instead of the other way round! x

  8. Please ‘re enter me! Love reading your blogs … My favourite food however does have to be the Pide, baklava or sucuk x.

  9. Hi Danniglad you so happy now back in Turkey my best food was a kebab me and family hah in a side street in fethiye x x

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