A relaxing Sunday afternoon..

Since Berkay changed his job, he now gets one day off a week. He does a week of nights, has Sunday off then does a week of days, then Sunday off, and back to a week of nights. Oh how I wish that was the case when I was living there!

His day’s off mean he can see his friends and go fishing for his dinner. He still has no money as he won’t be paid until March, so he is relying on his catch of the day to eat. He goes with our good friends, Serkan & Sibel, and their not-so-little anymore baby Cinar, who is adorable.
They often go to the little bays around Fethiye, this time it was buyuk samanlik koyu, which another friend of his actually owns. It’s a nice place, a bit basic, but nice in the winter and popular in the Summer with Turkish families who go there for BBQ picnic’s on Sunday’s. The view’s are lovely, you can see over to Calis and Fethiye and see all the boats going back to the harbour. The drive down to the bay is beautiful, although a little frightening as you have to drive along the cliff edge, which, if you know what Turkish driving is like, can be a little scary.
  1622101_10152621442948776_843395546_n 1958494_10152621443618776_139664901_n
Normally I edit photos before uploading them, but these need no editing at all, as they are already perfect. Look how beautiful it is, just before sundown.
 20140223-214531.jpg 20140223-214542.jpg
Berkay is normally quite successful at catching fish, last week he caught an Octopus. Today however,  he wasn’t so lucky and didn’t catch anything, so he’s gone to bed without having any dinner. He’s at work at 7am tomorrow so he’ll sneak some breakfast from the buffet.
1962718_10152621443563776_233547_n 1660469_10152621443048776_243989561_n
It was another friend’s birthday last weekend, he’s only known Berkay 2 years but is really like a dad to him. From what I’ve seen, Turkish people don’t really celebrate birthdays, but his sons bought him a cake..wish I was there to get a piece hehe (:
1794702_10152621443403776_1336576061_n 935167_10152621443238776_411203672_n
Despite not having money at the moment, Berkay has recently had the vet out to give Boncuk her booster injections, there are far too many ill, untreated dogs in the area that it is just not worth the risk. She’s all up to date with worming and flea treatment and injections now, so she’s a happy doggy. I can’t believe how ‘old’ she looks now, she’s lost her puppy features and that makes me sad 😦 By the time I go back in July (hopefully) I won’t have seen her for 10 months, I hope she remembers me! For now I can relax knowing she’s safe, looked after and happy 🙂
1975002_10152621442673776_393660139_n 1653717_10152621442853776_1088746271_n1926803_10152621443358776_1705926178_n 1451514_10152621443518776_716554228_n

I hope everybody had a good weekend. (:

6 thoughts on “A relaxing Sunday afternoon..

  1. You must feel awful Danni,knowing that Berkay has had to go to bed hungry,is there any way you could send money to Berkay to help him through the hard times.The year before last our young friends only had 40tl a week or maybe a month left over from his wages to buy food,I would never have thought that things could be so bad.I cannot imagine having to live on such a low budget

  2. It’s so hard Danni. I remember years ago, when I had to be in the UK for a whole winter when my Dad was dying, Kaya was out of work and living in his car, unable to drive anywhere because no money for petrol, and eating bread to survive, or anything given to him by others (Turkish people are very kind when you’re in need). You just keep telling yourself that things have to get better, and they will. Bless Berkay for taking such good care of Boncuk. And rest assured Boncuk will never forget you…just you wait and see the welcome you’ll get when you are reunited.

  3. How refreshing to find this lovely blog. I was reading earlier on daily mirror website comments re an English girl going to live with her Turkish boyfriend and some of the comments are horrific and so racist. I feel very strongly about this subject having ran away to Turkey myself 16 years ago to all the usual comments and negativity from friends and family here. I sympathise with Danni I really do. We too had to return to England due to money and neither of us wanted to leave Turkey. We had a dog the spitting image of Boncuk which really upset me. We had to leave her the lady who had bred her and it was the most heartbreaking thing we have ever done. I had an awful time getting a visa for my husband it was awful and I was treated terribly by the British Embassy in Istanbul but we eventually succeeded. I think you are both being so mature and sensible the way you are handling this difficult situation. You are realistic too and I can vouch for the fact that living on a Turkish wage is impossible. You’re only option is to study for something you can use there and get yourself over there or carry on as you are but clearly you are not happy apart? You have to follow your heart and it will all fall into place I gave up a brilliant job and a job for life to be with hubby and yet the British embassy told me that it was better for me to go back to England and set up home then reapply. I just stayed and we got through difficult times although did have to come to England. 16 years later we are still here and I just wanted to say how much your story bought back lovely memories and I hope you work it out but you need to be there!

    • Yes that article caused a lot of arguements and really showed the bitter, racist, anti-muslim side of people as well, I dont know how they can be so ignorant?

      Anyway, thats sad. Leaving Boncuk was hardest for me, Berkay can come here, and we can speak everyday, but I cant just sit and have a chat to my dog or fly her out… 😦 I can’t wait to see her, hope she remembers me! ❤

      It's a difficult situation isn't it? No easy way out at all.

      Thanks for sharing your story, I love hearing other people in the same situation, I had no idea there were so many people who could relate. Thanks for your kind words x

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