Calis – a warm winter’s day.

I have written a post before about Fethiye in winter, but everyone says it’s a been a mild one this year, not as cold or wet as usual, and judging by the photos Berkay sends me everyday, it’s starting to get warmer.

These photos were all taken on Sunday during his day off, how beautiful is Calis out of season before all the flights full of tourists start to arrive? Calis, like most resorts I assume, is like a different place in winter.

On a summers day the main promenade is full of holiday makers, enjoying a walk or making their way to the beach, cooling down in the restaurants and cafe’s with an efes and icecream, or just sitting on the wall looking out to sea. The beach is full of towels, sunbeds and sunbathers, and the restaurants are all bustling with tables and chairs lining the length of the promenade.
20140225-221846.jpg 20140225-221743.jpg 20140225-221506.jpg 20140225-221824.jpg
In winter, as you can see from the photos, it’s a different story. Peaceful empty pavements, silent empty beaches and eerie empty spaces where the restaurants are closed for winter. It’s not completely dead with tumble weeds passing by, some restaurants are open, and still fairly busy,  like Nil Bar, which is popular with expats  and locals all year around.

The beach is sandier in winter, perhaps because of the fierce waves bringing fresh sand and shingle to shore? But it’s also a lot messier and there is litter everywhere, unfortunately.
20140225-221750.jpg 20140225-221757.jpg 20140225-221839.jpg 20140225-221520.jpg
I used to love walking along the main seafront promenade in winter, in fact it was pretty much the online time I ever did, unless my family were visiting. It’s a totally different atmosphere, and even more beautiful.
20140225-221918.jpg 20140225-221911.jpg
One of the most beautiful things, are the winter Calis Beach sunsets. Berkay had a great view from his fishing spot, didn’t he?
20140225-221459.jpg 20140225-221905.jpg
We’ll soon start to see the restaurants gearing up for the season, and the hotel pools start to fill again. In a month or two, the planes will start arriving and Calis will be once again transformed, it’s never really bustling and busy like the resorts of Bodrum or Marmaris, but it’s certainly a big change.

Have you ever visited the main resorts outside of the summer season? How does it compare? For the better, or for the worse?

5 thoughts on “Calis – a warm winter’s day.

  1. Danni, I love Calis in winter, especially when the weather is summer-like. You get to make friends with the locals (both Turkish & expat) as being here in winter shows that you are most probably not here on holiday. You can spend whole afternoons in restaurants knowing that the staff don’t mind if you make a coke last for hours, after all you aren’t using up a seat a tourist might need. Hope you get back here soon x PS.Your comment about Cinar in a previous post – you aren’t wrong, he’s a lovely cheeky big lad now 🙂

    • Thanks! 🙂 I miss going to the market on a Sunday/Tuesday and just wandering, that was always the highlight of my week, it’s funny the things I miss..

      I can’t believe how much he’s grown in 6 months! x

  2. Beautiful pics you sure have a way with words,never been to calis in the winter time but you never know lol. Any more thoughts on going back sometime soon x

  3. We just bought an apt in Icmeler, and I visited this resort i december. It was very quite, but turkish people have time to talk to you and that is nice. Of course the weather was colder than summer, but overall it was quite nice…

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