2014 – a year in photos – part 1

Now that Christmas is over and we’re in the final days of 2014, I thought I’d reflect back on the past year, I can’t believe how quick it went, although at the same time it feels like so long ago…

IMG_0081 IMG_0082
Berkay and I spent the last hours of 2013 sat on the floor of London embankment facing the London Eye and waiting for Big Ben to chime in 2014. The fireworks at midnight were impressive and the atmosphere was brilliant. Before the first week of 2014 was out though, I was back on my own again after Berkay flew back to Turkey, here’s our last photo together at the airport.

IMG_0085 IMG_0086
February was fairly uneventful, I started a new job and we were counting down the days til March when Berkay would return to England. He was keeping me up to date with photos of himself and Boncuk and spent his evenings fishing for their dinner.

image imageimage image
March was a very busy month. Not only did Berkay return to England, but my mum got married so the month was filled with wedding preparations. The first photo was taken on his arrival at Gatwick where my little sister ran straight into his arms. I’m so pleased Berkay was able to travel to the UK for the wedding and share in the celebrations, the photos the photographer took of us are some of my favourite ones of us.

image imageimage image
Berkay stayed in the UK for the first half of April meaning we got to spend my birthday together which was lovely. We had some lovely days out in London and Thorpe Park and one of my favourite days was when he met me off the train from work and we went for a picnic in the local park – its the simple things that mean the most! Our last evening together was spent in the Efes Turkish restaurant in London, a real winner, the food was delicious.

image image
May was the month of big decisions, where I quit my job and started planning my return to Turkey. Most of the month was spent waiting anxiously for my passport to arrive, I had to replace it after a mishap with the photocopier! Berkay found us an apartment to rent and moved in, awaiting my arrival! It’s funny looking back on this photo now, it’s one he sent me when he first went to look at the place – the place we’d call home for the next 6 months.

image image image  image imageimage
On 2nd June I boarded the plane and flew back to Turkey. It was lovely being reunited with Berkay and Boncuk, she remembered me! I was also introduced to our friends baby twin boys, when I’d left Turkey the year before their mum was only 3 months pregnant so it really hit me how long I’d been away when I first saw the babies at 3 months old.  We also rented a car for the first time, making the most of Berkays newly obtained driving licence, and had a day out at oludeniz beach. Being back ‘home’ felt amazing although it did take me a couple of weeks to settle back in to Turkish life.

Click HERE for part 2 with more photos..

7 thoughts on “2014 – a year in photos – part 1

  1. i love yr blogs, and i feel deeply for u both, x x xx u probably get sick of hearing it, nut next year will fly over Danni, x x x x x x

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