My 1 year blog-birthday!

A year ago this week I started my blog.

I made my first post on 18th August 2013 and started out with 0 views, now here I am a year later with 125 posts and 190,000 views. It still amazes me that so many people are interested in what I write and my experiences. I’ve met some people I consider ‘friends’ through writing this blog, and I receive lovely messages from people almost everyday telling me how they love reading about life in Turkey from a different perspective and that it’s refreshing to read something that is honest. Some people read every single post and comment on each one, I am so grateful. I’m grateful for everyone that reads, likes, comments, shares… anything. It baffles me that people take time out of their day to read something that I’ve written, I’ve always been painfully shy and have trouble getting my thoughts out in person, that’s one of the reasons I started this blog, so knowing that my words are read by people who I’d never normally share my ‘story’ with is a weird, but lovely feeling. I also started it to try and show I’m not just a naive 22 year old girl living in Turkey with her ‘Turkish waiter’, although that’s up to you readers to judge.
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It’s been a year of many emotions, most of which I have written about on here. A lot has changed in the past 12 months, but somehow, I find myself in exactly the same position as I was in this time last year – trying to make the most of everyday I have in Turkey before its time to go back to the UK. I haven’t mentioned that much as it’s not something I’m looking forward to in the slightest, but it’s something that is inevitable, as Berkay is off to do his military service.

People in my ‘real’ life have mixed feelings about my blog. Some of them read it regularly and are supportive, my grandparents have even printed off every post I’ve made and collected them all in a folder to show their friends! (Hi Nan & Grandad, I know you’ll be reading! (: ) But I’ve had others say that I’m just writing posts for sympathy and that the people who comment don’t have my best interests at heart, how can they when they don’t know me? I don’t know what to say to that, but I do know that it’s often easier to open up to people who don’t know me, and that a lot of them can actually relate to my feelings since they’ve been in similar or the same situation – it’s not sympathy I look for, it’s empathy. But, besides anything else, I write my blog for myself, so that I can say what I need to, look back and see what I was doing this time last year, or see how things have changed! I also just love sharing my photographs and experiences of the beautiful country I currently call home.

I’m going to continue writing this blog for as long as I can, I enjoy writing and interacting with people through here, and I’m proud of how far it’s come in a year. Thank you all so much for reading and being a part of it.

Here are some of my favourite posts from the past year, with many mixed emotions! – Explaining how our cheesy holiday romance story began! – Although this was written nearly a year ago, most of it is still true. It’s something I’m constantly trying to explain to people, but something that people constantly dismiss as ‘one big holiday’. – Not a happy post, made a day before my flight back to England last September – at the time I had no idea I’d move back to Turkey 9 months later. – An even unhappier post, trying to convey my thoughts and feelings after being back in the UK for just 24 hours. – Written after I’d been back in the UK for 2 months and my experience of ‘reverse culture shock’ – something that is very real and that I definitely experienced. – The moment me and Berkay were reunited again at Stansted airport after 3 months apart! – And the moment we had to say goodbye after he went back to Turkey again just 3 weeks later. – Another ‘high’ on the rollercoaster, when Berkay visited England again in March, just in time for …. – My mum’s wedding. Interestingly, someone who regularly read my blog messaged me after I wrote this post and said ‘OMG your mum married my nephew!’ It’s a small world! – The moment I decided I was moving back to Turkey! – Being reunited with Berkay and our doggy and my first time back in Turkey for 9 months.

Who know what the future brings? I do know that I’ll be documenting it all on here.
Happy 1 year birthday, and here’s to many more! (:

28 thoughts on “My 1 year blog-birthday!

  1. Articulate as usual. Live your life Danni, do what you think is best for you and Berkay.
    There are always people in this life who will try and slap you down. You write from the heart and I admire your honesty.
    Whatever you decide to do, I hope you will be happy in your life.

  2. I have only recently started reading your blogs and love them. We are out in calis about 4 times a year as we have an apartment there and I absolutely love it and reading your blogs and seeing your pictures is amazing. Keep it up please and do hope things really work out for you and your husband. I know you have had many challenges and still have many ahead of you but what I have read you will take each step as it comes and work out your next step. Good luck and keep the posts coming love them!!!!
    Al the very best for your future
    Jean munro xxxx

  3. I really look forward to your blog it’s a shame u have to come back to England just wondering what will happen to your dog as I know u love him very much look forward to the future Danny and I hope u will be very happy and hear the next step in your life is u and Berkey getting married. I wish u luck .me and my hubby love Turkey we have been going for 21 years were just to old now to move there we wish we would have done when we were young looking forward to your next Blog Jill x

  4. Love to hear all about you and Berkay and your doggie as you like to call your dog. Your photos are amazing. Keep writing your blogs and keeping us updated with your life in Calis

  5. Well said don’t think about the negative it your blog you can write whatever u like hunni. What your writing is very knowledgeable and I’m sure is help many others in your situation or who are thinking of moving abroad
    Keep the blogs n pics coming especially of Boncuk love the wee doggy xx

  6. Just wanted to say congratulations on your one year blog birthday! 🙂 The lovely thing about blogging is that you can write whatever the heck you want on it – it’s *your* personal space and *your* take on life. No one else’s. Some people will agree with you and what you write will resonate, and others will wonder what planet you’re on. Life. 🙂 Love that your grandparents print your pages off. 🙂

  7. Dani,you survived going back to the uk last year and you will survive again,enjoy your happy days in turkey and think positive thoughts when you get back to the uk,you know you can do this.
    Love to you both
    Morgan x x x

  8. Congratulations! Thank you so very much for sharing your “journey” with all of us, it has been such an enriching experience. I, too, fell in love with a Turk a few years ago, but he’s in Pamukkale and I am in Paris. I am old enough to be your mother and so at this stage in my life, for so many reasons, I don’t think I can ever make the big move over there. I admire you for having done all that you have done, though, and hope that it will all works out for you in the long run. Long distance relationships are never easy! I can so relate to so many of the things you discuss in your blog. Take care!

  9. Love,love,love reading your blog Danni, 1st time ever today arrived in Olu Deniz area, been visiting turkey for 15 years. Every day is a school day. Keep up the good work x

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