Happiest dog in Fethiye?

Summer is in full swing in Fethiye now and the weather has finally improved with almost guaranteed sunshine for the next few months! Hotter weather is tough on us all, especially when we have no aircon to rely on, but just think how the heat affects the animals.

I see really fluffy dogs wandering around panting and feel so sorry for them, poor little souls need a haircut and some shade to cool down in! Luckily Boncuk has shade available all times in her kennel and she doesn’t have a ton of big old fluffy fur on her either… but she still feels the heat and is constantly panting during our long walks, even though we always bring her little travel water bowl along with us.

Yesterday, as a little treat, we got her a Twister ice-lolly to help her cool down. I know dogs shouldn’t have ice-cream in large amounts because of the lactose, but this was a one-off treat and we know doesn’t effect her badly as she’s had it before.

As you can tell from the photos,  she very much enjoyed the ice-cream and made a big mess, ending up with a very amusing pink and white mustache/beard combination! Just look at that happy, satisfied face, I’m pretty sure I had the happiest dog in Fethiye for a few minutes this afternoon!
After the ice-cream, we carried on with our walk where Boncuk made a new friend – he was so friendly and just wanted to play, but Boncuk wasn’t so keen. She didn’t put him off though, he joined us on the whole walk and ended up following us home afterwards! He’s disappeared now, hopefully he had a home to go to, he looked well fed and was very friendly so I think he probably did. Maybe we’ll bump into him again next time and hopefully Boncuk will be more friendly – she’s definitely very fussy about who sniffs her butt. (;
20140623-024346-9826170.jpg 20140623-021033-7833997.jpg

4 thoughts on “Happiest dog in Fethiye?

  1. Awwww how happy she looks, had a giggle at your last sentence 😃 my daughter thinks she’s the happiest looking dog she’s ever seen. Love to you both Morgan x

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