Flying tomorrow!!!

Last minute things bought. Case packed. Hand luggage ready. Clothes laid out on the bed for tomorrow – It can all only mean one thing…

I’m flying to Turkey tomorrow!! In less than 12 hours time I’ll be on the plane, a few thousand feet in the air, hopefully! My flight is due to take off at 11.20am and land around 17.15 Turkish time! I’ve been packing all day – as you can see I’ve only packed essentials – like this giant Olaf from Frozen 😉
I’m excited, but nervous, and it still doesn’t feel real! I’ll be on the transfer bus and in Calis around 1900 hopefully so I’ll see Berkay for a while before he goes to work – he’s not meeting me at the airport as to borrow his friends car and all the petrol he’d use would be too expensive. It’ll still be daylight when I arrive and hopefully not raining – so i’ll be able to see Boncuk and film her reaction – hope she recognizes me!!

The one part I’m dreading is the airport part – I hate airports – so bittersweet… leaving family and everything behind and flying to Berkay… and then leaving him behind to come back again later…  airports are just too emotional! ):

I said bye to my little sister tonight – she’ll be in bed when I leave and I know she’ll really miss me. She’s been so clingy to me today, she screamed and cried and wouldn’t let me out of the front door just to go to the shop this morning, she’s been saying at random times “you’re going to go away for ageeeeeeeees aren’t you?” … “I’m going to be sad when you’re gone”… “I’m not going to miss you cos I don’t like it when I miss you” …. we’re so close so I’m really going to miss her. Thank God for Facetime and skype ❤

It’s going to be SO weird to step foot back in Turkey after 9 months away. I can’t believe it was that long ago since I was there.

I may not have internet access for a few days, but will try and gain access as soon as possible – one thing you can be sure of is that the next time I post here, I shall be in Turkey. Keep checking my instagram feed on the right hand side of my home page to see photo updates! ❤

I’m off to bed now to enjoy my last sleep in England – then it’s up bright and early at 6am to get ready to go.

5 thoughts on “Flying tomorrow!!!

  1. You won’t read this til you get there lol hope you had a good flight Dani,as said before we are sooooo excited for you. Have a wonderful few months with your little family awwww.
    I’m sure your little sister will miss you she is sooooo cute but I expect she will make you smile when you Skype/FaceTime. Looking forward to your new posts and pics hopefully see you in August x x

  2. Thanks again Danni for keeping us up to date. Have a safe flight.

    Spread your wings and fly,Be Happy, Keep safe, Love,Laugh,dance, sing, enjoy.
    Watch the sun rise, watch the sun set, “LIVE THE TURKISH DREAM” and savour every moment.

    Wishing you Heaven in your Hearts, and Starlight in your souls.

    I am so happy for you Danni.
    Kind regards.

    (p.s as you will miss your little sister, any chance you could keep an eye out for some cheap flights while you are in Turkey so that she can come to visit you.) Priceless.

  3. Beaut pics on Instagram Danni,I asked my daughter to go on so I could have a peek. So pleased you got there safely,Boncuk has such a smiley happy face not to mention you and Berkays smiles. Jan I read your comments to Danni you have written some lovely quotes. Happy times ahead for you now, savour every moment x

  4. I love reading your blog Dani n can’t help but comment,Instagram pics are fab we are so happy for you,and my daughter said to tell you she thinks Boncuk has a very smiley face lol x

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