Found a new house!

For the past 10 days we’ve been searching for a new house in Calis. We’ve looked all over the internet, websites, Facebook groups, friends, friends of friends, estate agents… Berkay even spent 3 afternoons walking around door to door trying to find somewhere. We found lots of places, but now that it’s the summer season they were all charging hundreds of lira daily, or weekly. We looked at some nice ones with pools, aircon and fancy kitchens, and some basic Turkish ones, prices varied between 700tl – 1500tl. Ridiculous. Knowing that we paid 350tl for our other 2 bedroom place with a huge balcony, paying anything more seemed silly, but with the change in exchange rate and general inflation – it was inevitable I guess. However, we refused to pay 700tl for a house – 700tl is Berkay’s entire winter wages!

After searching endlessly and getting more and more frustrated and on the verge of giving up, he visited the person who found us our old house on the off chance they might know something else – and they did! After taking a look around, Berkay went along with the rent money this morning and picked up the keys! How exciting!!

The new house is in Calis, less than a minute’s walk to the beach, something that excites me very much. It’s right opposite a little shop and the dolmus goes straight past the door. This excites me even more. Now, I LOVED our old house, and although it was pretty crappy, it was ours. It was along a main, busy road and was surrounded by fields and animals, and a good 10-15 minute walk to the bus station and shop, so getting the bus, going to the market and walking back home again with 20kgs of fruit and veg on a 40 oc day was not fun. This time, its right next to the bus route and easy access to everything. One thing we have sacrificed though is the amazing views our old one used to have – I loved staying up and watching the sun rise over the mountains at 5am from our balcony. This time all we can see is buildings and trees. Anyone who read my blogs back when I started will know my favourite thing to do was have a BBQ on our balcony – something we can’t do at this new place as the two balconies are tiny.
IMG_9305  IMG_9307
View from our new balconies.
I need to stop comparing the two , because I have realised nothing will compare to our old house. Our FIRST house together, where we shared a lot of memories over two and a half years. This one is a new start, even if it is only temporary!

The house has one bedroom, a separate lounge and kitchen, a bathroom (which is 10x the size of our old one!) and two little balconies. It looks basic, but is fully furnished – we even have a TV – something we never had before!
IMG_9300 IMG_9301  IMG_9303 IMG_9304
Inside the new house.
The price is 550tl a month, which is expensive to what we’re used to, but good for the location.

The real, major downside to this house is the fact there is only a tiny garden, which means Boncuk is not allowed to stay. However, no need to panic, as we do know somewhere she can stay – at a little cafe with her friend, Maxi the Alsatian dog. This means she’d have to be chained up as no way will I let her walk the streets, BUT she’ll be right opposite the hotel Berkay works in, where he’ll be able to keep an eye on her all night, and during the day we’ll go for walks and play on the beach. She’ll be a happy doggy, if I thought she wouldn’t be happy, we wouldn’t keep her. I am worried about her not being right next to our house, as she used to have a habit of getting loose and chasing chickens and rolling in mud … but she’ll still be literally around the corner – we’ll probably still hear her bark! I’d prefer if she was allowed to stay in the hotel, as she’s been there all winter and loves it, but the hotel manager is apprehensive as he thinks she’ll bark when she hears guests and that will put them off, which is probably true. At least we have options though.

Now that we have a house, poor Berkay can relax a bit, he’s been working NONSTOP since Saturday evening. He works nights as a receptionist in a hotel, and has been working all day in their partner hotel in Calis getting the pool and rooms ready for opening. He worked Saturday night, all day Sunday, Sunday night, all day Monday, Monday night, all day today, and he’s currently working right now. Why doesn’t he refuse, why doesn’t he leave to find a better job? Well, the answer is simply because this is what he knows, we know the boss is reliable and that he will always pay Berkay on time, give or take a few days. We know that he won’t turn around at the end of the month and say he can’t afford to pay him, we learnt the hard way that it really is true, ‘better the devil you know’.

Berkay has been having some help emptying, cleaning, and grouting the tiles in the pool, from his friend and colleague, Serkan. We became quite close to them over the last year and often went out for picnics with them, I will link some old blog posts at the end, if anyone wishes to look back on them! Boncuk is normally scared of strangers, but she took a liking to Serkan straight away, Berkay left them upstairs while he went to the toilet and came back to find Boncuk giving him a hug. Awww. I’m pleased that her vitamins seem to be working – look how much fatter she looks, we used to be able to see her ribs.

All in all, it’s going to be an exciting few weeks. 8 more days at work, 2-ish more weeks before I go. I’m just waiting on my passport to come back before I can book my flight!

11 thoughts on “Found a new house!

  1. Fantastic news Danni, the best things come to those who wait, you and Berkay will have a beautiful summer now and this is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure, lots of love & luck for your bright future together xxx

  2. That is fantastic news Danni I am so happy for both you and Berkay,you really now can look forward to a wonderfull summer together as a family.And lets not forget Boncuk as when first spots you is going to go nuts picture of that would be worth a look,try get Berkay to do.All the best for your future and you are def doing the right thing as reading post start of week I could see exactly where you were coming from with your thoughts you both deserve so much to be together and service is not for long compared to the lifetime you have both got in front of you lots of love and luck xx…

  3. So pleased for you Danni. Sounds an ideal place you’ve found given the difficulties and prices. All the best for the future…and see you on Facebook! x

  4. Hi Danni, it sounds like you’ve found an ideal place, hope you both be very happy there. X

  5. Brilliant! A new start in a new home with lots of bonuses. Go girl go, it’s your life – enjoy living it! Tomorrow is truly another day – big hug xx

  6. Fab news Danni,am so happy for you both and a house in calis at least my daughter and I won’t get lost trying to find you to give you your special bags lol. At the rate my daughters going ill have no room in my suitcase for our clothes lol. Having said that do let me knowif you need anything practical as I’m sure we will be able to squeeze a few more bits in,honestly still 13 weeks to go and packing already😄love to you both ✈x x

  7. Wow… All sounds like it is falling into place.So happy for you,Danni!You are following your heart.I think the new place looks wonderful. What a great new home for you guys. You will make more happy memories here, too. Hugs to you three.

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