Park, Bluebells and Marshmallow Icecream..

This post is way over due. In fact it was over 2 weeks ago that these photos were taken, but one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place was so that I could look back over time on what I was doing ‘this time last week’, ‘this time last month’, ‘this time a year ago’… so i’m still going to post them anyway.

These photos were taken on Good Friday, the day before Berkay flew back to Turkey.  We spent the morning in the park, first in the playground then through the woods and ruins.

The play area was full of children (duh!) but that didn’t stop us having some fun, Berkay enjoyed himself far too much, can you tell? He nearly fell off the funny little swing and had me in fits of giggles.
After the play area we went through the woods at Lesnes Abbey, it was so beautiful. We were the only ones wandering around so it was so peaceful, there were bluebells everywhere, which although we later found out we’re not supposed to pick – Berkay did pick a bunch for me! Sorry bluebells. I love being outside and just walking through the trees and flowers – although the insects, especially wasps, are the not-so-good part. Ewww.
IMG_8458 IMG_8474 IMG_8475 IMG_7967 IMG_8479 IMG_8473
I love these photos of us – we just laid down in the bluebells to get a good photo – look at our happy big brown eyes, ahh. (:
IMG_7966 IMG_8470
IMG_7982 IMG_7983
Anyone who knows me knows I love the minions from despicable me, why not embrace your inner child every now and then? I bought this Minion bag a while ago but never use it for fear of looking a bit nuts, but when you’re walking through the woods with nobody else around, why the heck not eh? Hehe. We had some fun with it – sticking it on the wall next to the ‘please keep off the wall’ sign – what a naughty minion 😉
IMG_7965 IMG_8062
IMG_8477 IMG_8478
After we’d been at the park for a while, my dad, step mum, brother and sister came for a walk too, since it was good Friday and everyone was off work for the day.  My sister had fun climbing the tree and posing for photos. She kept picking daisies for me and running up to give them to me, she’s so sweet.
IMG_8095 IMG_8096 IMG_8097 IMG_8102
On the way home we got some ice-cream from the ice-cream van – I chose the marshmallow one was literally what it looks like – a huge vanilla whippy icecream covered in marshmallows and strawberry sauce, it was the best icecream I’ve ever had!! Yum!
I can’t believe this was over 2 weeks ago now – it seems a lot longer. Oh how time flies.

8 thoughts on “Park, Bluebells and Marshmallow Icecream..

  1. Oh my goodness your pictures say a thousand words, such happy faces 😄. Danni my daughters starting to pack a special Boncuk and Berkay bag to bring to turkey bless her,she saw your pics and has started a Danni bag too lol,she’s had me on a minion mission, according to her a girl can’t have too many minions, out of the mouths of babes if only life was that easy 💅

  2. We won’t be there til the last two weeks in August a lot of sleeps so I’m told,yes I know we don’t have to do that but all my daughters idea and you can’t argue with a ten year old lol,so like I said I’m on a minion mission oh and also chocolate that’s my idea lol. Bf found nandos sauce in asda so that’s Berkay sorted for a Lil while too. Obviously it’s a while off till we go to calis so plenty of time to make up a bag for you all n it will be a pleasure. As I’ve said before I’m on CBF under the name raygans you are more than welcome to message me on there if you want to. 💅

  3. Ok I dont know if im in love with all your photos or just the marshmallow icecream ……you guys look so happy together and i love you nazar ring….


  4. That marshmallow looks completely insane.
    I am glad you finally made your decision to return Dani. When Daughter was born The Turk did not yet have a visa so I was back in Australia with no support, in fact, even with me owning my own home and working as a conveyancer the Aust. Govt still did not give him a visa. I had to get 3 other people to sponsor him (thank god for friends) before the Govt would give him that illusive visa. It got to a point when it was just easier for us to be in Turkey so we went back when Daughter was 10 weeks old.

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