Yogurt with dinner? ..

Hands up who has a Turkish friend, relative or partner who insists on eating yogurt with main meals? Berkay loves it, the sight and thought of it honestly makes me gag, there is just something about eating plain yogurt with dinner that is wrong to me, yogurt is for dessert! Berkay eats it with fish, chicken, pasta.. you name it. The other day he had a big bowl full with his omlette and chips!
It’s so funny to me, I just can’t get my head around it.
Do you like it? Did you ever think to try it before?

Apologies for the short post today, was out at a friend’s house til late and I’m so tired. I think a long post is due.. perhaps I’ll write one tomorrow. (:

10 thoughts on “Yogurt with dinner? ..

  1. My husband never ate yogurt with fish, apparently Turks say it will give them a bad stomach, your husband Berkay obviously doesn`t think so. Zafer always had yogurt with chips and any vegetarian dishes and at first I thought it was really gross, but after a while I tried it and now I often have yogurt with my meals. The other no no, was ayran and now I absolutely love it and find it so refreshing. I do draw the line at brain soup and kokorec!!!

  2. I have yogurt with everything now, except fish! I’m sure it’s very good for your digestion and much better than mayonnaise or ketchup. When I came to Turkey all “chips” were served cold with yogurt. It took me a while to get used to it.

  3. Yes my husband eats yogurt with everything. I go through phases with yogurt and love kaymak yogurt which is so creamy, with muesli and honey on top. Because my husband rarely eats at home during the summer months I haven’t been buying it. When he popped home the other night and wanted to eat, he was almost in tears because there was no yogurt in the fridge!

  4. I love yogurt and eat it with everything! The plain, Turkish kind of yogurt, of course, ha ha!
    Hope your transition back to the UK isn’t too difficult and that everything works out! 🙂

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