Back in Turkey & Wedding planning?

It seems like I’ve only just got back from Turkey (5 weeks ago) but tomorrow I’m flying back again! It’s only a quick visit this time, I’m going to the airport straight after work tomorrow evening, flying all night via Istanbul, and then landing in Dalaman at 7am! I fly back to the UK on Sunday morning so it’s just 4 days/nights.

I didn’t think I’d be back there again so soon, and the only reason I’m going is to put some of our wedding plans into action. I have completed the relevant paperwork here, had it signed by a solicitor and certified by the foreign office, but now we need to take our paperwork into the registry office in Fethiye, have some blood tests and book a date!

What started out as a small wedding in the registry office followed by dinner in a restaurant in Fethiye has turned more into a ‘proper’ wedding – I went dress shopping a few weeks ago and despite being adamant I would just have a pretty, basic dress from a high street shop, I ended up walking into a ‘Confetti and Lace’ bridal shop, trying on a beautiful, sparkly white wedding dress and the rest is history!!
Since then, we’ve been planning the wedding, I have sorted out favors, a cake, a venue, flights and accomodation, and now all we need to book is an actual date for the wedding in April, a photographer, flowers and wedding rings… It’s going to be a very busy, but exciting 4 days!

Online check in is done, my suitcase is packed full of nandos sauce for Berkay, and I’m nearly all ready to go…
See you tomorrow, Turkiye!

7 thoughts on “Back in Turkey & Wedding planning?

  1. Congratulations, and have a good journey.

    A question, we are also getting married in Turkey but in June and yet we have been told we have to use a Notary Public to sign our Afadavit and also that blood tests are no longer required?

    Is this not the case?

    • So sorry I didnt reply to this before, do you still need help? You can use a commissioner for oaths they only charge £5, a notary will charge £100.. yes blood tests arent needed in some places, I didnt need one but my husband did x

  2. Will your feet touch the ground ? Knowing Turkey not everything will go
    smoothly but there is always a first time, fingers crossed for you Danni

  3. Exciting times ahead Danni,hopefully Berkays visa application will go smoothly but if not then at least you have the option of moving to Turkey. Awwwww have a lovely if not hectic time,safe journey back tomorrow x x x

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