Muddy paws and waggy tails…

It’s been a while since I did a post about Boncuk as Berkay’s brother hadn’t sent me photos for a few weeks, but last weekend I heard my Facebook messenger ‘ping’ and looked to see lots of new photos of little Boncuk!

She’s still in the village with Berkays Dad, stepmum and two brothers, but it’s one brother in particular who really looks after her. Actually, he’s fallen in love with her and insists he isn’t going to give her back to us because he loves her so much! Every evening when he comes home from work she goes crazy when she see’s his car pull up and greets him with a waggy tail and excited little bunny hops.
IMG_1929 IMG_1931
Unfortunately she is chained up most of the day because it’s not safe for her to be roaming free, there are a lot of fields around and if she wandered onto someone else’s property they’d probably shoot her to protect their chickens etc.. the harsh reality of village life! Berkay’s brother walks her everyday though and lets her off her lead for a little play. It looks like she’d been having a good old time last week because her paws were covered in mud, she’d probably been digging a hole or doing something else naughty, what is it about dogs and playing in mud?

She looks like she is being looked after nicely, she’s being fed well and her tail is wagging so I’m happy.  I’m not sure what will happen when Berkay is out of the army but I’m certain she’ll remember him and greet him fondly, muddy paws at the ready, even if we do have to fight Berkay’s brother for custody of the dog afterwards, haha.. She just makes everyone fall in love with her!

IMG_1930 IMG_1928

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