Countdown jars..

It’s difficult not to wish my life away these days. Since Berkay went into the army I’ve been ticking the days off my calendar but wanted something more visual to see the days ticking past. While I was looking around on Pinterest, I found a brilliant idea that someone had created while her husband was deployed in the US army, and decided to create my own!

These are my new ‘countdown jars’ , sat on my chest of drawers opposite my bed reminding me of how many days I have left. The ‘days to go’ jar is full of marbles, one for each day of the year Berkay will be gone, and each evening I transfer one of the marbles from that jar into the ‘days down’ jar. At the moment I only have 15 transferred over, as he’s only been gone 15 days, but as the days and weeks pass it will be exciting to see the number of marbles in the ‘days to go’ jar decreasing!
4 5 
I’m sure a lot of us have countdowns to something, a special date, birthday, perhaps a holiday to Turkey? 😉 You could try making your own, it doesn’t have to be marbles, it could be jelly beans, stones, seashells….I think it’s something kids would enjoy, my little sister comes to me in the evening and asks to help me with the marble and understands that it’s for ‘Berkay in the army’! Bless her.

15 days down (and boy does it feel like a whole lot longer), a whole jar full of marbles to go…


9 thoughts on “Countdown jars..

  1. when we were waiting to go to Australia we used to put all our small silver money and pennies in a big jar and when we came to cash it in we had £158, which really surprised us it soon builds up then you can have a really nice meal, when you next see him keep well lol xx

  2. It must be worse for you Danni as you’re counting down to see Berkay again and me and Barry were together – we just wanted to be back in Turkey so much – but when we used to go back to Manchester, we would book a flight back to Turkey straight away (for 6 months or so later) and then take it in turns, when we came home from work each night to close the curtains and then cross a day off on the calendar. We weren’t allowed to close the curtains until it had gone dark and then that was another day done. 😀 Seems silly now but we REALLY needed that system at the time…for sanity. 🙂

  3. Lovely idea Danni,we have jars like this for birthdays and Christmas and use jelly beans. Hope you get some news on the job front soon. This year will drag for you but you’re so positive it will be so worth it in the end x x

  4. i am definitely going to do this. perhaps ill make one of jelly beans and each day i get to eat one for my coutndown! (gives me daily sweet treat too!) x

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