From sunshine to sunset in Calis..

One of my favourite things to do here in Calis is go for a walk. I love walking. Often after dinner we have some spare time before Berkay goes to work and we always end up just going for a stroll, although it’s a lot more enjoyable in the winter when you can step outside the front door without sweat dripping off your face! The views are amazing, there’s just something so special about all the mountains in the background – it makes a perfect backdrop for our day-to-day life and sometimes it’s just nice to appreciate it all a bit more. Apart from that, it’s free entertainment, I like wandering along people-watching, seeing couples walking hand in hand or children playing on the beach.

Calis beach is never really busy, there’s always sunbeds avaiblable and plenty of space to lay out – it’s not like the cramped and compact beaches I’ve seen in other resorts. These photos were taken around 6pm so anyone at the beach had probably already gone home – you can see how empty it is! It was a particulary clear and slightly cooler day and without the normal haze from the heat, the mountains and view over to Fethiye were so clear – beautiful.
IMG_4345 IMG_4346
We normally stop at the junction and turn back but sometimes we go the longer route and walk down across the bridge where the Calis water-taxi’s are. The canal looks totally different than it did a year ago – click HERE for comparison photos – the reeds, plants and wildlife that were once lining the canal have been removed and replaced with bricks, weeds and a bright blue fence – it still looks pretty but it’s definitely not the same.
IMG_4352 IMG_4354 IMG_4357 IMG_4349
 Calis is at it’s most beautiful just before sundown. In summer the sun goes down behind the mountains on the right, but in winter the sunsets are more spectacular with the sun going down almost exactly centre on the horizon. I love sitting alone on the beach and watching the sunset – it’s just so beautiful. On this particular day a big wave caught me unexpectedly and soaked the whole bottom half of my body – I had stones in places there shouldn’t be stones – it was quite amusing though, luckily there was nobody around to witness my little mishap!
IMG_4350 IMG_4351
Isn’t it just a beautiful place?

If you haven’t already, please like my Facebook page: – I’m nearly at 1000 likes – I post updates on there daily and lots more photos. I’ve just posted a short video made from clips walking through Calis, and I really enjoyed making it so I think I might make some more – I’ve always got my camera with me so I’m going to take the opportunity to film more of the area and see how it turns out.

4 thoughts on “From sunshine to sunset in Calis..

  1. Stunning pics as usual Danni thank you for sharing.
    Ps noticed on Instagram you’re down to your last bottle of nandos,fear not i have one here with your name on it 😀
    Love to you both,
    Morgan x x

  2. Oh Danni….. How stunningly beautiful the sunsets are. You seem to be soaking up and savouring every minute of your time there. Making lots of beautiful memories for you to cherish in the future.
    One on my favourite things to do is watch the sun rise and watch the sun set.
    On a recent trip to Kefalonia, i used to set my alarm clock for 5.45 am just to watch the sunrise over the sea, as i could see it from my bedroom window on the seafront. Sometimes i would go and sit outside with family to share the magic moment together. I use the pictures to put on “thank You cards” etc.
    Kind regards.

  3. Aww, I remember my sister and I trying to “walk to the end of the road” in Kusadasi. We never got as far as we wanted to because some massive hotels had usurped the shorefront. The coastlines should be open to everyone!

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