So, I was in the middle of writing a new post, when I clicked onto my blog homepage to check something, when I scrolled down the page, something immediately caught my eye – a number – 100,000. My blog has 100,000 views!!!!!

I’m feeling very proud right now, even if I do say so myself! 100,000 views in less than 7 months. I can’t believe it, I honestly just can’t believe that so many people care about what I have to say, or are remotely interested. My blog has become more of a personal diary for me now, although I do still try to do serious or helpful posts like “10 untrue stereotypes”, “worst things about living in Turkey” and “holiday fling or the real thing?” as these types of posts are always more popular. I do like to post what I’ve been doing, and the simple day to day stuff as it’s a good record to look back on. I often sit and look back at my blogs and see what I was doing 5 months ago, 6 months ago… It’s amazing the things you forget and how a few simple words and photos can bring all the memories flooding back, whether it be good or bad.

Nobody ever cares what I say normally, I’m a girl of few words. I always say it, but it’s true, I’m such a shy person in ‘real life’ and my blog is a way of letting it all out.

I’m amazed so many people continue to read, the same few people comment on every single post, which is lovely. I really feel connected to people, it’s funny how strangers sometimes can be more supportive than people you’ve known all your life. I’m grateful for everyone who reads, and anyone who leaves comments, even if their words are not always what I want to hear. Just knowing people take time out of their day to read things that I am writing is an amazing feeling. I really feel like I’ve made friends through this blog. I’ve even had people offer to send money, to help Berkay, and Boncuk, and other people offering to bring biscuits and treats out to Berkay when they visit Fethiye, my faith in humanity has been restored, there are some really lovely people out there and I’m so thankful I’ve got to know them through doing this.

I’m so grateful for every single person who clicks on my blog, whether they read one post, every post, or just a few lines. Thank you all so much.

Back in January I posted about reaching 70,000 and what an achievement that was, and done a mini giveaway, which people seemed to like the idea of. I want to do something similiar this time, but I have no idea what to giveaway or what else I could do?

If you have any ideas, let me know!

Thank you all again, especially the Facebook group Turkey – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, as I’m pretty sure at least 90,000 of these views came from there. ❤

7 thoughts on “100,000 views!!

  1. Love reading your blogs dani, always written from the heart with lovely photos to view too 🙂 enjoy your time with berkay xxx

  2. I read everyone of your blogs Danni and look forward to them, i find them interesting, uplifting and heartfelt. Have a wonderful time with Berkay there the now. x

  3. Danni, Congratulations on reaching 100.000 views! amazing.

    One of the reasons may be that you ALWAYS KEEP IT REAL! and many people relate to that.
    But more importantly, you seem to wear your heart on your sleeve… and no matter what else happens the up’s the down’s the highs the lows “the treasures of the heart cannot be stolen”.

    With regard to your “GIVEAWAY” what about a mini “TURKISH HAMPER” ……..
    it could include some Turkish Delight, a small piece of jewelry with the “lucky eye” emblem on it, other turkish treats, A traditional turkish scarf maybe, Turkish traditional recepies, sunflower seeds,a small turkish lira note, a small book about Turkey, postcards etc….. Does not need to be any expensive items. after all its the thought that counts. As long as the whole thing parceled up does not weigh more than 1kg it will only cost £2.60 to post. ( I could donate a small bracelet with Jade stones and the “lucky eye” along with a Turkish Lira note)

    All of your pictures are great and congratulations to your mum.
    Hope you and Berkay are having a great time together. He looks so happy.
    Keep us posted.
    savour every moment.

    Kind Regards Jan

  4. I came to your blog via Ayak’s Turkish Delight & the reason I enjoy reading your blog is, as Jan says, you keep it real & so we can empathise with what you are feeling and going through – and of course everyone loves a love story & we all want a happy ending for you and Berkay & Boncuk.

  5. well done Danni for reaching 100,000. I have enjoyed reading your blog, though I am going to stop reading it as I have broken up with my Turk so need to stop looking at Turkish things really!

    All the best keep smiling.

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