Good news!

We got some great news on Thursday…
Berkay got his visit visa!

This means he can come to the UK for Christmas, New Year and back again in March for mum’s wedding. So happy!
It’s only a 6 month visa, and he’s only planning on staying for a total of 6 weeks out of that time, but it’s such hard work to get visas to the UK, as I have mentioned before.

I really didn’t think he’d get the visa this year, so it was a lovely suprise and I’m so glad, this one was more important than the rest as previous years I was living with him, but this year if he didn’t get his visa who know’s when I’d see him again.  I have spoken recently about not feeling like I fit in here anymore, so having Berkay with me for Christmas is going to make me feel a lot happier, I can finally start to look forward to the holidays like everybody else! (:

Still yet to book his flights, but hopefully he’s coming mid December for 3 weeks. Our friend will be looking after our lovely Boncuk, if only Berkay could smuggle her in his suitcase! 😦 ❤

If anyone has any questions about visit visas, feel free to ask, always here to help!


11 thoughts on “Good news!

  1. I am so happy for you both. I know how difficult it is to obtain visas. My friend cannot get a visa for her husband to visit and she has been very ill.
    You will now have a super Christmas and New Year. XXX

  2. I’m delighted for you and Berkay, Danni. It would be awful if you didn’t know when you would see him again. And I’m pleased to hear that Boncuk will be taken care of while Berkay’s away. It’s always difficult to find someone to dogsit. xxx

  3. Have never met you, but fallen in love with you both as a couple, hope you both have the most amazing christmas ever and look forward to your new blogs xxx

  4. Hi – I have just randomly found your blog and I feel so excited for you! My fiancé has just had a 3 hour bus journey from Mersin to Antep handing over his visa application papers! We are hoping he can here for a short visit in February – it’s our first visa application and after reading your blog I’m very nervous that Bariş will be turned down 😦

  5. I would be grateful for any help you can offer on getting a visa as my friend has been refused twice and we are now applying for the third time it is so distressing and it is only for a holiday

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