Berkay & Boncuk settling in..

I can safely say Boncuk is LOVING being at the hotel 24/7 and being able to walk around the grounds with no danger of her getting out. The hotel is closed and Berkay is the only one there, apart from the security man, who happens to be Berkays best friend! (: Boncuk is being a good little guard dog, barking and waking them up to investigate when someone/something is there who shoudn’t be!

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Berkay’s not having the best of times, he still hasn’t found a job for winter, although he has one promised starting in January. He has no money and if it wasn’t for his friend always inviting him to his house for dinner, he’d be starving. The hotel has no running hot water either, so everytime he wants a shower he has to boil water on the gas, oh i do not miss those days.
At least they have each other, Boncuk adores Berkay. Everytime he goes in his room, she sits outside the window looking in at him, bless her. They really are best buddies.
It just goes to show that dogs really do stick with you, no matter if they’re in a lovely, cosy house or a small, cold room underneath a hotel with bare minimum. Animals are so much nicer than most humans ❤

3 thoughts on “Berkay & Boncuk settling in..

  1. I could not agree with you more, yes animals are nicer than humans, they are never angry with you and always greet you when you arrive home. All they need is a warm place to sleep, food and love and they will be your friend, confidante and best buddy forever. X
    By the way, I don`t live in Istanbul, I reside near Kusadasi, out in the sticks!!

  2. I love to read about friendships between humans and dogs and it is really nice to hear that they are best buddies. I miss having pets in my life – they are indeed better than most humans..
    I hope that he gets a job soon..! Good luck with it,

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