In the centre of Fethiye, right next to the dolmus station, stands one of the town’s many mosques. For years I walked past it almost everday and never stepped foot inside – until last year! It’s really beautiful inside, stunning stained glass windows, painted ceilings, bright colours against the white walls, a huge chandelier and the softest, thickest, most luxurious feeling red carpet! You can visit the mosque yourself, just make sure you avoid prayer times and Fridays in particular. Make sure you take your shoes off and leave them by the door and be fairly covered up, wear respectful clothing (no strapless tops, swimwear, miniskirts or shirtless men etc),  women may cover their hair but I actually did not, Berkay told me I didn’t need to. There is a man who waits around outside and offers to show you around for a fee, but don’t fall for that, it’s completely free to enter and he is just taking advantage. It’s really stunning inside!

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