Next visit to Turkey & Visa Paperwork…

I haven’t posted on here for a month now, this is because every waking moment outside of work I have been preparing visa paperwork!

It’s been over 4 months since I last saw Berkay, after leaving just 3 days after getting married, but I am going back to Turkey in 26 days time on 1st October. While I am there we are planning on doing a little road trip to Antalya to submit his visa application. It has taken me months of planning to get all the paperwork together and we’re still only half way there!

In order to apply for the visa we need to supply evidence of every single detail of our lives and the people in it. The main things are proving that we are in a genuine relationship, proving that I earn above the income requirement, proving that Berkay has a safe place to live in the UK, and proving that he can speak English. We do this via piles and piles of paperwork as evidence. Letters, 18+ page application forms, declarations, passport copies, birth certificates, bank statements, wage slips, a letter from my employer, contract, a house inspection report, land registry documents, mortgage statements, letter from the house owner and other letters of support from my family, proof of address, utility bills, passport details of everyone else in the house, university certificate, army papers, English exam certificate, criminal record check, insurance papers, blog information, marriage photos, wedding cards, engagement cards, photos of us over the whole 6 years of our relationship, visa stamps, evidence of every flight I ever took to Turkey, extracts of Facebook, MSN and Skype conversations and call logs over the 6 years, etc, etc etc. These are just the things I’ve thought of off the top of my head, there are many more that I’ve forgotten.

Gathering all this information is painstakingly time consuming, especially scrolling through the 180,000+ Facebook messages we have had together and picking a few conversations from each year of our relationship to print out and show them – a nearly impossible task! It’s also frustrating trying to gather paperwork we need from other people, like getting blood from a stone! It seems people don’t realise the importance of this application and all the information that goes into it.

With all the documents, application fee, house inspection report fee, NHS surcharge, translation fees, travel to/from Antalya to the application centre and the £450 fee to prioritise the application and get a slightly quicker decision, the total of the application is well over £3000 – a huge amount of money.

It seems so surreal that in October, when Berkay goes and hands in the paperwork at the application centre, it will be out of our hands, we will be totally out of control of our future. The decision of where we spend the rest of our lives will be in the hands of someone we’ve never met, sat at their desk reading through our pile of paperwork, all we can do is put our blood sweat and tears into that pile of paperwork to make sure it leaves no doubt in their mind that we are a genuine, loving husband and wife just trying to live together and settle down. It’s nerve wracking, and we’ve been working towards it for so long that when the application is submitted I won’t know what to do with myself or my free time – I expect I’ll spend every waking moment tracking the application status online and praying that we get a quick decision!

I’m trying to keep my blog updated in the meantime, but all my effort at the moment is going into work and the visa… In October I’ll hopefully have lots of photos and thoughts to share from my trip. Other than the road trip to Antalya, we’re also planning on going to the village to visit Boncuk too, with a stop-over at Pamukkkale, and the usual BBQ’s, sunsets and breathtaking views of Fethiye of course!

26 days to get everything ready to go! 

18 thoughts on “Next visit to Turkey & Visa Paperwork…

  1. Such alot of paperwork, hope everything goes your way 🙂 I know someone who had to wait 6 years to get his visa even though they were married and he had paperwork to prove that he had a job in the UK. Seem’s that people who go through the legal channels have to wait longer 😦 Good luck to you and Berkay xx

  2. Good luck dani and Berkey, hope your application is successful, looking forward to seeing your photos, especially of boncuk xx

  3. Blimey what an ordeal for you. It’ll all be worth it when they say yes! Keep strong and keep smiling 😄. You’ll be together soon xx

  4. Good luck to you both if you don’t succeed go to southern Ireland to live a girl from our village married a turkish lad they tried everything they went to southern Ireland and worked there for a few months then they got their visas to come to England xxx

  5. Good luck to you both! 🙂 We were just in Izmir delivering paperwork for a Schengen visa for the first time,and I thought that was exhausting enough. Nothing compared to this though!! 🙂

  6. You should take Boncuk to the UK with you! It’s relatively simple to organise and if you do it correctly she doesn’t even have to go through quarantine. I flew my cat to England and back home to Turkey again when I was there for a couple of months during my partner’s national service 🙂 🙂 x

  7. Wishing you the best of luck. Your blog is the best proof of your genuine relationship. My daughter who is 24 marries her Turkish fiancé next month but they plan to continue their lives in Turkey so no hoops to jump through.

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