Passing the English test and booking flights..

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Berkay had travelled to Izmir to sit his English exam. Last Wednesday he got the result – he PASSED!

We are so relieved! Berkay does know good English but it’s not perfect, so I was a little worried, although he said as soon as he came out of the exam he knew he had passed because he found it ‘fine’. Passing was the first step to getting his spouse visa so now we can start to get the ball rolling.

Since then I have been making a list of all the documents we need in order to apply, there are literally hundreds of pieces of paper I need to submit and it’s going to take months to gather all the information needed  – in fact I spent all weekend writing just two letters and trying to plan the evidence we will submit, it’s a lot of work and is keeping me very busy.

We are going to apply in Antalya in October, and if the visa is granted he should be here before Christmas.. If it’s not, well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it and re-evaluate things..

Last night I booked my flight out to Fethiye for 8 days – I had to plan it carefully so that I could make the most of my 5 days off work, those are literally the last 5 days of annual leave I have until January – my other 3 trips to Turkey this year has meant I’ve used all the days up. I go the first week of October so Berkay will still be working in the hotel, he usually doesn’t get any days off so I’m hoping his boss will have a heart and let him have a week, or a few days at least. I can’t believe how expensive the flights are at the moment, I paid £300 return, which is a lot considering it won’t be high season then. I did find cheaper flights through Turkish Airlines, and as lovely as my previous two flight experiences with them were, I just do not feel comfortable flying via Istanbul at the moment.

This week marked 6 months since Berkay left the army and honestly I’ve never been more glad. There were scary scenes in Turkey last week as I’m sure my readers will have seen, and if Berkay had been in the army now I’m not sure I would have coped! Thank goodness he’s out and we can start counting down the days until we’re together again.

73 days and counting!

7 thoughts on “Passing the English test and booking flights..

  1. Ive follwed your blog for over 2 year just goes to show distant doesnt matter you are a inspiration I dont know how you do it you have some strength I really do hope your wishes come true

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you both that all goes well. The sooner everything is sorted and Berkay is over here with you, where he belongs ,the better things will be . Aye xx

  3. Wishing you and Berkay all the luck. It seems far more difficult for the both of you to make a living together in Britain as a couple then we experienced here in the Netherlands. It took us 4 to 5 weeks but we did not married. Maybe that’s the difference?? Hope all will work out fine for the two of you. 😍😃👌

  4. So pleased for you both Danni that really is lovely news – hopefully the application is all okay! I have 71 days until I fly out and agree with you direct flights there are so very expensive at the moment I also paid £300 return – but still worth it for those sunsets! Hopefully I will bump into you guys when there – have a lovely time and here is to that countdown xxx

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