A quiet afternoon in Calis..

Berkay works nights in summer so he sleeps most of the day and often wakes up mid-afternoon and goes for a stroll around Calis – he likes to send me lots of photos to make me jealous, which they certainly do!

The clear sky, the blue sea and the beautiful long promenade full of shops, bars and restaurants – they all look just as wonderful as ever, but definitely a lot quieter than usual.
img_0952  img_0954
There seems to be a lot less tourists visiting this year, which is sad to see. When I was there in April it appeared to be fairly ‘busy’ for the time of year, but numbers should be increasing the further into the season we get, and that doesn’t appear to be happening. Since it opened a month ago, the hotel Berkay works in hasn’t had more than 30 customers in per night, and it’s been more like 15 on average! For whatever reasons, fear of terrorism, negative media representation or perhaps just the price of flights, a lot of resorts seem to be quieter than normal and we can only hope that things improve once the school holidays start in the UK as July and August are always the months with highest tourist numbers.

On his walk, Berkay walked all the way from the start of the promenade, outside the lovely sea front apartments we stayed in in April, to the main part where all the restaurants are. He then walked down the road where the canal runs, to where the water taxis go back and forth to Fethiye – these 30minute mini-boat trips always go down a treat, it makes a nice change from the dolmus and is much more relaxing.
img_0955 img_0939
img_0936 img_0951
I love how the multi-coloured umbrellas look on the beach, they really stand out against the blue of the sky, I wonder if they were inspired by the famous floating multicoloured umbrellas in Fethiye? It is sad to see it so empty though, the beach should be full of sunbathers, not only a handful.
img_0934 img_0933
I really hope that the season picks up and everyone visiting the area makes the trip to Calis and sees how peaceful and beautiful it is. It’s always a lot quieter than the other main resorts in the area, not as loud as Oludeniz and Hisaronu, but just a short dolmus ride away. It’s really beautiful with a lot of picture perfect scenery, a huge array of delicious restaurants and who could forget those amazing sunsets.

You just can’t beat it, even if I am biased!

10 thoughts on “A quiet afternoon in Calis..

  1. I was there 2 weeks ago today on market day and it seemed much busier
    I hear lots of brits are taking advantage of the cheap AL deals

  2. I have been back from Calis for a week after spending 2 weeks there Danni, When we arrived the hotel was full of Turkish tourists, and we had to spend our first night in a side room but were promised a sea view room the next day, which we didnt mind as it was midnight anyway. Once the Turkish tourists left the hotel didnt fill back up again, and when the english holiday makers went home, their rooms werent refilled.Our transfer guy told us that tourism at this time of year was down 70% from last year, I really felt for all of the bar/restaraunt owners and staff and hope as you hope Danni that people realise that it is safe in Turkey and its the best place to spend a summer holiday. Our hotel was small and friendly and basic, but has been neglected over the years, The manager asked us to leave a very good review so he can get more tourists in who will provide more money for him to do the place up, but on the other hand, the pool area toilets have been broken for at least 2 years and never repaired and the pool bar empty and in an absolutely filthy state, so really he has had the money in the past but not used it for the tourists and guests or to make the hotel more comfortable, But i love Calis and hope it picks up soon x x x x

    • I think a lot of hotels in Calis are like that Bev, the one Berkay works in is the same, they dont seem to realise that a lick of paint and some TLC would make all the difference and encourage more people! Sad to see it so quiet 😦 x

  3. It was really quiet when we left last week, a sad sight for sure.
    I do hope people come for the school holidays or I fear some businesses may not be there when we return in October

  4. It does look beautiful. We are on Hisaronu in 10 days time and will definitely be taking the water taxi across to Calis. X

  5. It’s terrible atm! Here in Antalya is the same, there’s hardly anyone around, even some of the hotels haven’t opened yet 😦 x

  6. I love your blogpost. I’ve been in Fethiye, Calis, Oludeniz and Hisaronu for almost 7 years and this year it’s terrible. There where less tourist in this places and it’s a pitty because it’s absolutly safe in Turkey. But the people in Europe are watching to much gost stories at the news and papers. It’s a pitty. Nice blogpost again and keep on writing. In Fethiye I will recommended the European Diving Centre from a couple from the UK. Greetings Paula

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