Getting Married!

On Sunday I made a rather important announcement on my Facebook blog page, and just incase some of you don’t have access to Facebook I’ll say it here too…

Berkay and I are getting married soon!

We’re planning to get married in Turkey at the end of April, just a small wedding at the registry office in Fethiye. I am hoping to fly out mid March for a few days to complete some paperwork and book a date for the end of April. My family have already arranged time off work to join us on the big day, and Berkay’s family are also planning to make the journey to Fethiye which will be rather interesting as our families have never met each other. There won’t be any big white dress or big party, just signing of the papers and then dinner in a restaurant… although we’re hoping to have a celebration party with the full works (and probably a big fat village wedding too) later on.

The best part is that Berkay and my family will all be in the same room. They haven’t even been in the same country for 2 years! The not so good part is that just days after we’re married I’ll be returning to England alone and that thought is rather depressing.. I suspect that will be the hardest goodbye of all!

A few days ago myself and family went out for dinner to celebrate, bubbles included..The only thing missing was Berkay, and that seems to be the story of our lives at the moment…
img_5977    img_5957-2

18 thoughts on “Getting Married!

  1. Ive been following your blog for a long time now so pleased you are now to get married you are so i. Love. I do hope your future is going to be as happy as my marrage. Ive been married for almost 58 years all though not to a Turkish man, but me and my husband love Turkey and the turkish people, we have many friend s after visiting the country for 23 years. I wish all the happiness in the world.

  2. Oh Danni you know you both have my congratulations. I know you will both be happy. Big love to you both. For the record, you dont need the big white dress, think how daft I would have looked in one x x x

  3. Danni, congratulations! 🙂 I have been visiting this site from time to time. I wish you a wonderful life together with Berkay!

  4. As you know Danni I love to hear and read about your comings and going a to Turkey and have been waiting for this announcenent to be made. I am so pleased for Berkay and you and hope you can both be together all the time. Every good wish for your future together xx

  5. Squee!! That is so exciting! Congratulations!
    We had all sorts of family and friends at our wedding that had never met before and haven’t been together since, because of the Turkey and other countries connections, and I remember part of my dad’s speech was this really nice commemoration of that fact, that it was a unique meeting and time in the lives of everyone there.
    Wishing you all the best! Bir yastikta kocayin 🙂

  6. Congratulations to you both. It’s what we have all been waiting to hear.

    It would be nice to see some pictures of your wedding day on here for those of us who do not have Facebook.

    As a frequent visitor to Turkey, I have been an avid reader of your Blog Page….What a journey you have been on.

    Won’t be long before you are both living together permanently, either here or in Turkey, or perhaps split between both countries.

    Once again Danni, I wish you every happiness for the future.

    Kind Regards.

  7. Oh this is amazing news to hear I was waiting for the day you were going to announce you are getting married 😊 Me and my fiancé who is also from Turkey are planning on getting married this year after nearly 6 years together. When I first started reading your blog it was near enough listening to how our relationship started and progressed over the years, living with distance, army life. I know how you’re feeling.
    I am so happy for you and I wish you both the best of luck in your new chapter.

    Kelly xx

  8. Congratulations 😀 You seem like such a good couple. It has been very romantic to keep up with your blog posts about the two of you. Best of luck, so happy for you 🙂

  9. Congratulations ! I have been following you since I have a long distance with my Turkish boyfriend (who is now in a military service). Thank you for sharing your moments, stories, thoughts and feelings. They are very inspiring indeed. I wish you two a very happy journey ahead 🙂

  10. Congratulation Danni,
    I have only just seen your post and am so happy for you and Berkay
    Can’t wait to see the wedding photos (white dress or no white dress) 😉
    Wishing you both all the happiness in the world x

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