Last week marked another milestone for my blog as it reached 400,000 views!

As I type, the total number now is 402,991, which is pretty good going considering I’ve been neglecting it lately and not writing as often as I should. In fact I’ve only written 7 posts in the past 3 months, so the fact that people still make the effort to click on my page and read back on posts is lovely.

It’s not just my loyal readers who visit my blog, but also new ones who find it through search engines like google… I get a report on the search terms people type in to end up at my blog. Some of them are self explanatory “turkish men”, “cost of living in Turkey”, “Fethiye” – and others are a little more unconventional and hilarious – “sex with Turkish men”, “why does my Turkish man hide me from his family” and “are Turkish people clean” – I often wonder what they think when they click on my link and whether or not they stick around to read a few posts.

So I’m curious, how did you all find my blog in the first place? I’m glad you did!

However you found me, thanks to all the lovely  people who read, like, comment and share my blogs. I promise to get back into a flow of writing more regularly again! ❤

10 thoughts on “400,000 views!

  1. I found your blog after googling “life in turkish villages” I think, or possibly “local culture around Fethiye”
    It’s been interesting to read about your relationship and army life for Berkay and your gorgeous dog Boncuk too, and how well you coped with living on a really tight budget. I love seeing the photos too. I wish you all the best for the future together..
    Keep writing the quality blogs.

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