A Calis Beach Sunset…

ImageI am loving my new house being so close to the beach – having the freedom to walk the 2 minutes to the beach at any time is great.

 Yesterday evening after Berkay had gone to work I decided to go on a stroll to the beach to watch the sunset. It was a fairly cloudy evening and the sunset always looks better through clouds, so off  I went with my camera and ended up staying for 45 minutes and taking 147 snaps!!

I thought I’d share a few with you, to show just how beautiful Calis can be.
IMG_1903 IMG_1901IMG_1898 IMG_1900
I edit all my photos with instagram before uploading – like the ones above… but sometimes photos need no editing because they are beautiful enough on their own. The following have not been edited in the slightest and show the true beauty of the sunset, although to be honest, the photos don’t even do it justice. Sitting on the beach alone listening to the waves lapping on the shore and literally seeing the sun go down behind the mountains in front of your eyes isn’t something that is able to be fully captured by a photograph!
IMG_1897 IMG_1892IMG_1891 IMG_1911IMG_1904
Oh how lucky I am to live by the sea. ❤




12 thoughts on “A Calis Beach Sunset…

  1. And that is exactly why you need to be there and not here x x x x x x x over the moon to see and hear you so happy x x x x x

  2. Just beautiful! one of my favourite things to do is watch the sun rise and watch the sun set,
    ” living the Turkish Dream” Danni. Savour every moment for your memory bank.
    Maybe put one of the photoes in your “Happy Jar”

  3. you dont know how jealous i am lol its my dream to live by the sea, and now ive actually been to Turkey 😀 and loved it so much omg id live there tomorrow 😀 so happy that you went back, ill have to carry on reading this blog and live my dreams through you for now lol

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