A little thankyou giveaway..

As a little token of my appreciation, I have decided to do a little giveaway to celebrate hitting 70,000 views..

Don’t get too excited, it’s nothing amazing like a free flight to Turkey…. I wish!! While out shopping today I bought this little Turkish phrase book & audio CD. It’s worth £7.99, and one of you can win it totally for free. Great for learning phrases to impress friends, family or even just to make the locals smile when you surprise them with your Turkish while on your holidays. It is brand new, CD still sealed inside. I have only opened it to take photos, and am now actually wishing I got one for myself too!

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All you need to do to be entered is comment on this blog post, by just scrolling down and clicking ”leave a reply’.  Only people who comment on THIS post directly, and not via Facebook or anywhere else, will be entered. The giveaway will end on Saturday 1st February and a winner chosen using a random number generator. It’s only open to people in the UK and Ireland unfortunately, as postage costs would be too high with no guarantee of it reaching safely elsewhere, sorry.

A little disclaimer too, I paid for this with my own money, it was not given to me. I also earn no money at all from my blog, I do not get paid per view or receive any income from adverts, I blog entirely for fun, and just wanted to do a tiny giveaway to say a huge thanks for helping me reach 70,000 views, something I am very proud of.

Good luck and thank you all once again.
❤ ❤ ❤

117 thoughts on “A little thankyou giveaway..

  1. I enjoyed reading your blogs on best worst of living in Turkey. I have been to Turkey twice on holiday, Marmaris and Gumbet. x

  2. Firstly BIG WELL DONE Hun on reaching your hugemongous hits,,,love reading your blog…its brilliant,,,would love to win this as ive been to-ing n fro-ing across to the land of Efes for over 20 years n still learning the lingo lol x

  3. Love reading ur blogs keep up the good work x this would come in handy as my turkish is practically non existent lol xx good luck every1 x

      • I met my friend in Northern Cyprus where he was working nearly two years ago and we’ve kept in contact, I’ve been back to see him a few times but I would really like him to come to England to visit but he says it’s very difficult as he has to have a lot of money saved and it’s hard to get a visa. I just wondered if you have any advice which would help us help him to get a visa? But he doesn’t want us to pay for anything so can we help him in other ways? x

      • the first time my bf had around £80 in his account and around £6 the last time… my dad was his sponsor though. could you not do that? youll need to show proof of funds in your account, evidence of income, proof the house is big enough, a letter inviting him and saying youll let him stay for free, etc. but it wouldnt cost you anything …

        the biggest problem is people depositing large sums of money into their accounts cos they believe as your bf does, that they need thousands saved. Its the opposite.. any money in their bank has to add up with their wages. my bf earns around £300 a month, so if he had thousands saved, itd be suspicious and he’d be refused straight away.


      • Thank you, we’ve spoken to lots of people in Cyprus and they all think that they need at least 10,000TL to come over. We would gladly sponser him and have already told him he could stay with us, who would we write the letter to? Would we write the letter to him and he would then show it to the relevant people in Turkey? Mithat earns about the same amount each month, but would him still needing to do his time in the army affect his chances of getting a visa? x

      • That’s rubbish, trust me he doesn’t need anything near that. Don’t let him use an agent they all lie and have no idea what they’re talking about x
        You’d send all ur papers to him and he’d hand them all in when he goes to the appointment 🙂 my bf had over 40 documents each time x

        Berkay hasn’t done his eitherx

  4. I have Loved reading your blogs for so long and would truely love to win this. It would help me learn Turkish and become more confident in speaking another language! Massive thankyou for your amazing blogs about Turkey! The family and I loveeeee reading them.

  5. I read your blogs and love them. I lived in Turkey myself for awhile back in 2000, still holiday there twice a yr. Wish you andBerkay all the best. Fi xx

  6. I have really loved reading your blogs. My partner and I are moving to Turkey for good on 1 April this year and all we can wish you is a happy permanent reunion with Berkay one day wherever you both find your home together. Good luck and please continue with your blogs so that we are able to share in your future happiness xx

  7. I love reading your blog I love my holidays to turkey and have some turkish friends n would love to be able to surprise them with knowing a bit of turkish xxx

  8. I love reading your blogs, look on the good the bad the ugly to see if there is anything new from you… find myself telling people about your stories all the time. keep up the good work & hope you, berkay boncuk are together again very soon xx

  9. i love reading your blog about you,Berkay & Boncuk living in Turkey.Bet you can’t wait for Berkay’s return in March.Lot’s of love & best wishes to you both XX

  10. Love your blog, I’m in a similar situation myself except I haven’t made the move yet! Could ask you a million questions. Oh, and I was on the same flight as Berkay when he went home, he looked so sad 😦 I felt like saying something to him, but he doesn’t know me and I only know him from your blog. Good luck for the future x

  11. I love reading your blog Danni and you are a true inspiration. Keep up the good work and look forward to reading the next installment! I think this is such a sweet thing you are doing! xxx

  12. Enjoy your blog. I lived in Turkey for 8 years mostly in Antalya but did have a year in Cali’s beach ( 2005). Know just what you mean about not having any money. My life is so much better back in the UK.

  13. Love reading your blogs! Well done on reaching the 70,000 views. Keep the blogs coming as they are great, and give us so many insights to what life is actually like in Turkey!

  14. Danni, What a really lovely and kind gesture. Even though the gift was only £7.99, the true value of the thought and consideration of others is priceless!
    I beleive in ” What goes around, Comes around” and “you reap what you sow” Therefor, if i am lucky enough to win this item i would like to Re-Gift it to YOU!
    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your blogs, seems that you live life with your heart and your arms wide open. How lucky is Berkay. I do hope that soon you will both be together permanently and that all your dreams come true
    . I have been to Turkey 7 times in the past 2 years, my favorite places are Cappadocia, Urgup and SIDE. Wishing you Heaven in your heart and Starlight in your soul. and may all your Blessings return to you 100 fold.

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