I am nocturnalOr a vampire.  I have adapted my boyfriend’s sleeping pattern (he works nights) and more often than not, I do not sleep until 8am, and wake up at around 3pm. People may say I’m lazy but I’m awake for the same amount of time as everyone else, I just prefer it to be at night. Cooler, quieter, more peaceful. (:
Another perk is the beautiful views of the sun rising up behind the mountains I have from my balcony.
Every morning around 0530-0600 I go out onto my balcony and just sit and enjoy the view. It is beautiful. I can see mountains from miles away, ones that cannot normally be seen from my balcony during the day. Sitting watching the sun rise above them is just perfect. Not something I’ll be able to do back in the UK.
Natural, calm beauty. What do you think?

Just a short little post today, a longer one coming tomorrow, I am determined to stick to my ‘blogging everyday’ promise.

4 thoughts on “Sunrise..

  1. I’m also nocturnal throughout this summer. I find it difficult to sleep when my husband is away, and also my dogs sometimes bark during the night and I am a light sleeper. Sunrise sees me out on my balcony time of the day. Two cups of coffee and I’m back to bed. It’s a good thing you and I don’t have day jobs or we would never cope!

    • I used to sleep fine, then when the big earthquake happened last year I couldnt sleep at night, always waited for Berkay to get home in the morning, felt safer lol and now it’s just a habit…. Ha yeah, true! x

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