A not-so-typical Monday

Today I managed to wake Berkay up at a reasonable time (3 pm- he works nights!!) So we made the most of it and went for a late afternoon swim at the beach with our dog. (:

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Anyone who knows me will know that this is a rare thing, we hardly ever go swimming or do anything remotely ‘touristy’, despite living in a holiday resort and being a 20 minute walk away from the sea. It makes a nice change from boring day to day stuff every now and then though.

Before we went, we had lunch. Fresh fish, boiled potatoes with Nando’s sprinkles (Oh boy do I miss Nandos!!) and salad. Yum.

Calis Beach. It’s not all that pretty, no sand, just big stones and shingle, and the water has a lot of sea weed in it, but other than that, it’s a nice place to have a swim. The beach was fairly busy today, we walked around for a while to find an empty spot because we had the dog with us… As it turned out, she wasn’t the only animal on the beach, just as we got there these two camels came wandering along. They live near our house and I quite often walk past and talk to them. ”Hello camels”. Berkay thinks I am nuts. I’ll let you decide whether he’s right or not…

1146559_10152132695978776_1982276888_n 1011435_10152132696503776_1151403339_n

We all went for a little dip, we only had Boncuk (the dog) in there for a few minutes just to cool her off (:


Then she got out with Berkay and they had cuddles while watching the waves. She even gave him kisses, haha. Bless.


We didn’t stay long, it was too hot and we had to get back for Berkay to go to work. Poor fella does work hard, I give him that!
Still, it made a nice change, really should go swimming more often, with a beach this close it’s rude not to really, isn’t it? (:


Boncuk enjoyed her afternoon too!

4 thoughts on “A not-so-typical Monday

  1. We never go swimming Danni. We have lived in many areas that are close to the beach, but as my husband works during the season there’s never an opportunity. You’re fortunate that Berkay works nights, so at least you get a few hours in the daytime with him. Boncuk loves the water doesn’t he?

    • I have never been there, or Marmaris! Sure, It’s too difficult to struggle here in winter with me not having a work permit, living off Berkay’s winter wages is physically impossible, 750tl a month, if he’s lucky. We’re hoping to eventually settle in the UK but I need to be earning 18.6k a year to get him a visa, and have to have the job for 6months before applying. It’s going to be long old process but hopefully it will be worth it. x

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